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    Default Rade Jorovic - Putuju kocije bele

    need translation for this song plz

    Stajao sam pored puta
    kao grana otkinuta
    kocije su s tobom prolazile
    srce su mi pregazile

    Putujum, putuju kocije bele
    kuda te vode sele
    kocija bela, a konji vrani
    prokleta kocijo stani

    Nedelja je praznik svima
    odlazis sa svatovima

    Svatovi me tvoji pozdravljaju
    moju dusu uzimaju
    dusu moju uzimaju


    Opet bih ti srce dao
    opet bhi ti pripadao
    samo tebi pripadao

    Nek mi srce gaze potvkovice
    zbogom tudja sudjenice
    zbogom tudja sudjenice

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    White chariots are traveling

    I was standing by the road
    like a severed branch.
    You were in the chariots that passed by
    and ran over my heart.

    Traveling, white chariots are traveling
    where are they taking you, my sister
    Chariots white and horses black
    stop damned chariots.

    Sunday is a holiday for everybody (*)
    you are leaving with the wedding guests

    Your guests are greeting me
    my soul they are taking
    soul of mine they are taking


    I would give my heart to you again
    I would give myself to you again
    only to you

    Let the horseshoes step over my heart
    goodbye others wife (**)
    goodbye others wife.


    (*) It's an old Serbian custom that the ceremony of wedding takes place on Sunday, hence this verse.
    (**) The exact translation would be "goodbye others destined-to-be", which means that she is to marry another man instead of him even though he loves her.

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    Sofijski Mozart

    What is it? I don't like such rhythm, such instruments. But I can't stop listen to this amazing song - and still don't know why. Very beautiful!

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