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    Unhappy i need a song for my grandma/ about being strong

    my grandma has been in icu since Friday, and has been fighting for her life since Saturday. The doctors only gave her a 10% chance of making it through her first surgery. Since then she has made it through two more. Saturday i told the doctor that he didn't know how strong my grandma is. she is the backbone to our family we all revolve around her and i knew she wouldn't leave us like this.... now she is starting to wake up and breath on her own and pretty soon hopefully in the next couple days they will be able to take her off life support. i need/want songs about holding on, being strong, family love, faith or courage or anything you think would be good and help me get through this situation because there is still a chance she won't make it ( at least thats what everyone is saying but i know she is a fighter and won't leave us... at least not yet)

    please please please NEVER take for granted what you could lose tomorrow. i never took her for granted but just a few nights before she went to the hospital i was sitting at my moms house for my sisters birthday party and she was sitting there in the chair playing with her great grandchildren it was just a goofy little silly game she made up but they were all having so much fun and laughing and just you could feeeeel the love and the thought crossed my mind... even if i was to have children NOW they wouldn't remember my grandma. and then this goes and happens and it scarrrres me so bad i just want her back i want that tube out of her throat so i can hear her voice again i just wanna see her beautiful brown eyes open and hear that lovely laugh <3 i love you grandma

    ugh sorry this is so long it was just supposed to be a few sentences but i would greatly appreciate songs about holding on, being strong, family love, memories, faith or courage or anything you think would be good and help me get through this situation

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    I think this one is suitable
    but if it's not plz forgive me i didn't mean any thing wrong I gave this song
    cuz that which comfort me

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