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    Cool looking for a song....with lyrics in chorus take me away...

    driving in my car one day i heard this song female voice with the chorus take me take me take me away more of a 80's 90's feel to it close to tracy ulman and buggles feel basically a pop song slower dance maybe (and it is not these listed groups) i thought i was a music person but this has got me stummped)
    1-stacy orrico
    2-natasha beddingfeild
    4- fefe bobson
    5-chase and status
    6-4 strings
    7-culture beat
    8-true faith
    10-alex k
    " IT WAS PRISM" --GO FIGURE? thanks for the replys
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    I just checked out Avril Lavigne, but I don't think she's got the sound you're talking about, so maybe she can be ruled out.

    How about Freaky Friday

    Or maybe Pink Slip

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    "Take me, take me, take me away":

    "Take Me Away" by Prism

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    I believe the song you are looking for is the song titled Wild Horses by The Sundays which was released in very early 90s....I knew the song I think you were talking about as she sounds a lot like Mazzy Star, but I think Wild horses by The Sundays is what you are looking for, if not, good luck. Either way it is an amazing song and I was trying to figure out who did it and I definitely thought it was Mazzy Star, but it was not...somehow I just happened to find it on youtube as it was the next song that played after Heres Where The Story ends. Here is the link to the song I think you are looking for

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