first attempt at song writting so excuse the lack of fluidity

thought i knew you
back in the days
those days of niave foreplay

its a rotten and ****ed up place
full of human urges
my urges for you
yours just not the same

i wont be that dumb again
urges baby there just part of the human way
i turn away
your eyes never looking the same way
follow me and its a ride that only goes down
down down like what you made me go

i confess right here that the attraction was purley physical
now i know that i was in the wrong
your amazing
thats not an urge
but the truth

but in the end we're just an urge
a human urge
and baby we all got 'em
just a matter of tellin' when

so i tell you what i should have said from the start
love you but your just a bit of a freak
love freak
love that your a freak
love that its an urge

and you got me so scared
thinking theres some evil waiting in vain

so its all an urge
always the same
lets start again
before we knew
lets follow the urge
right or wrong
dont give a ****
its fun
when its all an urge