"Unnatural Selection"

The first time my mom talked cancer to me
I didn't know what she was on about
Was it the reason the doctors were always being nice?
Or why I was linked to that device?
Was it the reason I never felt alone?
The reason my mom's heart was my comfy home?

"We love you, Jaden"
I'd hear that a lot, usually followed by some tears
"I love you too"
I'd say, to vanish their fears

My body has lost its life
But my soul is still flying, above the sea
God, would you please cut my wings with a knife
Or does Heaven really need me?
It's nice up here and all
Like, there's no pain or sorrow
But I think I've arrived too early
Mom, why can't I live to see tomorrow?

Did I do anything wrong?
Was it because I cried at night,
When I was hungry or couldn't sleep?
I know I was stubborn back then
And wasn't much of a help to the community
But believe me I'd make it up for you
If I had another opportunity

You've taught to say "please" when asking for something
So I'm going to try and see if I can get a second chance
And be the flower in your hair next spring

I was only 5, Mr Cancer
So I'm asking you for an answer:
Insatiable disease,
Would you give me back my life, please?


"Suffocating Under Words Of Sorrow"

I need a light, a guide
A secret place

I need a light, a guide
A new face

I need a light, a guide

I need a light, a guide

I don't need darkness, empty

I don't need darkness, empty

I don't need darkness, empty

I don't need darkness, I need God
A truthful nod


"Dear God"

Night in and night out
A soul I miss
Navigates miles away from here
Convinced of a kiss
Yield myself to a tear

You've the power to make it happen
On this unforgivable life, I have the will
United as one I want us to be
'cause united with her I'd feel free
Relive the love we've felt
Emerge two hearts that have undenyingly melt

Could write a thousand words
Too much of a good thing


Life puts barriers everyday but it
Ofuscates not my hopes of an "Us"
Viral feelings fill my heart
Escalating the Hope we've always discussed

Yearning for a life together
Of happiness I know we might have
Ultimate, please paint us a perfect weather