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    Default Sexion D'Assaut - Noir (Maitre Gims) TO ENGLISH PLEASE

    To english pls

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    Before you read this, I think you ought to know Maître Gims is just something else LOL..

    Maître Gims - Black

    Don't panic, that's only 30% of my skills, as always
    Dawala, Brams, H Magnum
    Keep your fairy lights home, cause we'll never go played out
    Like this goddamn Christmas tree
    You can't put the anaesthetist to sleep
    I'm having a gig on the moon

    Hello Homeland, I'm speaking from France
    It's getting serious, I'd better make off
    I'm blocked in the dream of a pedophile
    People whine as they enjoy cocktails
    Generation in deep sh-t with 130€ sneakers on
    I don't judge people by the way they look or dress
    For we'll all be naked on the judgment day
    Don't shake hands with me, you're going to kill me
    Because my heart rests on my hand

    Baby you talk too much
    So I poured some super glue in your lip gloss
    I can't suffer the theory that says my family is descended from monkeys
    But anything is possible, even coprophiles have legs to stand on
    And if time wasn't against you, it wouldn't leave so many wrinkles on your face
    Ask Geneviève what happened to young virgins - stupid question, silly answer
    I lean on people how have soap on their elbows
    I fear the landing like after a somersault with my eyes closed
    I'd rather stand back when I see what the nation claims, sh-t
    How do you expect me to go ahead when I stride along the streets of my past
    It's violent out there, like a fit of the giggles in a cemetery
    Like a slave who refused to keep silent
    Keep on lecturing kids, because they still don't listen
    A bar straight in their faces will probably be more effective than a crying fit
    I've defused all your mines
    I live in a place where children see their reflections in barf
    I'd ask you to pinch me if I were dreaming
    But this life's a dream already, you'd have to kill me if you want to wake me
    When you bury me, make sure my hands are showing
    So people can see I've brought nothing to the invisible world
    I rap and you're amazed...
    I've seen dogs with human heads


    Check your house's fundaments
    As for your future wife, take a look at her mother
    Because if you mess up, you'll understand
    Why depressives are suicidal
    I write verses picturing a gun held to my head
    Who can claim to know the streets better than my shoes
    You carefully check things at the mall
    But when it comes to people, you judge them at first sight
    Don't you play down your sins, I'm not only talking to the little brothers
    The biggest mountains are made of little stones
    I'm shocked when I meditate on my millennium
    Shocked like a schizophrenic standing back to look at himself
    The nightmare of arms dealers starts when citizens dream of peace
    Stop crying, I haven't even touched you yet
    It's like jumping into the water when the boat hasn't capsized yet
    I'm a bull, and I think I'm going to charge at everybody, even vegetarians
    I've seen a bunch of odd things, like my uncle hiding cocaine in strawberry yogurts
    Don't listen to me while driving, it's like having too much alcohol in blood
    Life is nothing but a chess game, and at the end...
    King and pawn get in the same box


    Sexion d'Assaut
    Nothing but a random text before the height
    9th Zone, R.I.A., Aro, Jarod
    So insolent
    Sitting on my star, I can hear stuff from below
    Like "Sexion d'Assaut this, Sexion d'Assaut that..."
    Let us do our thing, don't worry about us
    Support us instead of getting your evil eye on all the time...
    For my peeps from Kinshasa, Senegal, Mali, Guinea
    And of course, the ones to be reckoned with:
    Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria...
    Still in here in spite of the media lynching
    I am Maître Gims, platinum x3. What about you?
    To be continued...
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    lol yea i knew that already

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