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    Default Claudia's Sonnet

    Her hair is a swirl of fire burning
    Red and orange-yellow; blend majestic
    Want inside has slowly left me yearning
    No longer am I found apathetic
    As I gaze upon this flaming whirlpool
    I have begun to find I'm lost at sea
    And although I doubt myself, I'm no fool
    I find that there's no place I'd rather be
    It appears I can't be lost forever
    For her eyes would surely guide me back home
    I depart from the hair of September
    And I'll return back to this world, alone
    I look back to catch just one final glance
    And pray I haven't missed my only chance

    This is the other sonnet. (Beside's apathetic no more) I'm torn on the last line. I want it to be either what it is now or "And pray to God I haven't missed my chance" Idk comments?
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