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    Unhappy Need help w/ R&B Song!!! PLEASE!!

    Hey all, theres a song I keep hearing at the clubs that I love, but noone i ask seems to know the title/artist!

    Im not sure if the following are the exact words, but theyre very similiar

    song starts with kinda an instrumental whistle (best desription ik can think of) than the first line of the song is " I met somebody, She wa a beauty......"

    than theres the following (which is what i think the words are/sound like, but i might be waaay off!)

    than the bass kicks in and the chorus follows

    ".......Night and Day!, ooooo lonely..... lonely nights"

    Its by a male singer, with a sort of highh-ish voice.

    there might be a brief rap in the middle (cant be sure, might have been rermixes)

    but any help identifying this song would be great!


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    its called "got somebody" by wayne wonder

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    It's actually called No Letting Go.

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    yes the actually title is No letting Go by Wayne Wonder a reggae artist

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