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    Default El Général - Rais Lebled

    I've seen the Arabic and English lyrics in a couple of places -;د/ and most notably - but I wasn't totally satisfied with them so I've been working on updating them. Any suggestions are appreciated.

    رئيس البلاد
    هاني اليوم نحكي مْعاك باسمي وباسم الشعب والكل
    اللي عايش في العذاب
    ٢٠١١ مازال تمّ شكون يموت بالجوع
    حابْبِ يخدَم باش يعيش لكن صوته موش مسموع
    اهبط للشارع وشوف العباد ولات وحوش
    شوف الحاكم بالمطرق تاكا تاك ما يهموش
    مادام... ما ثمة حد باش يقوله كلمة لا
    حتى القانون اللي في الدستور نفخه واشرب ماءه
    كل نهار نسمع قضية ركبوهاله بالسيف
    بورتان الحاكم يعرف اللي هو عبد نظيف، نشوف
    في الأحراش تنضرب النساء اللي ماتحاش به
    زعمة ترضاها لبنتك، عارف كلامي يبكي العين ...عارف
    ما دامك بو ( أب) ما ترضاش الشر لصغارك ألوره
    هذا ميساج عبارة واحد من صْغارك يحكي معاك
    من سوفرانس رانا عايشين كالكلاب
    نص الشعب عايشين الذل وذاقوا من كأس العذاب

    رئيس البلاد ، شعبك مات وبرشة عباد من الزبلة آكلها
    هاك تشوف آش قاعد صاير في البلاد
    مآسي بارتو والناس ما لقاتش وين تبات
    هاني نحكي باسم الشعب اللي انظلموا واللي نداسو بالصباط

    رئيس البلاد، قلتلي احكي من غير خوف
    هاني حكيت ولكن نعرف اللي نهايتي كان الكفوف
    نشوف برشة ظلم وهذاك علاش اخترت الكلام
    بورتان وصاوني برشة عباد اللي نهايتي تكون الاعدام
    لكن...الى متى التونسي عايش في الأوهام
    وين حرية التعبير رايت منها كان الكلام
    اسمها تونس بالخضراء رئيس البلاد حك اتشوف
    اليوم البلاد ولى صحراء مقسومة على زوز الطروف
    سرقات بالمكشوف بالغورة من كل البلاد
    من غير سمَّ لي انت اشكونهم العباد
    برشة فلوس كانت ماشية ما شارع إنجازات
    ما دام سومي صحات بنايات و تعديلات
    لكن ولاد الكلاب فلوس الشعب عابد الكروش
    سرقو أبو فقهو عتفو الكراسي ما سايبوش
    نعرف اللي برشة كلام في قلب الشعب ما يوصلش
    كان جار وضع غير ظلم اليوم ما نتكلمش

    Why are you worried?
    Would you tell me something? Don't be afraid!

    Mr. President, here, today, I speak in my name and in the name of the people and everyone
    who lives in misery.
    2011: the man who is still dying of hunger
    wants to work to survive, but his voice is not heard.
    Go down into the street and see [how] the people have become like animals.
    See the police with batons - thwack-thwack-thwack they don't care.
    There is still no who will tell him the word "stop."
    Even the law that's in the constitution, put it in water and drink it [inflate it and drink its water = he does not care]?
    Every day I hear of an issue set up by the sword [=fabricated?], even if the official knows that he is an honest citizen. I see
    in the forests women being struck who wear headscarves [?].
    Would accept it for your daughter? I know that my words that make the eye weep - I know.
    You are still a father will not accept evil being done to his children - Alors!
    This is a message from one of your children who is speaking with you
    of suffering - we are living like dogs.
    Half of the people are living in humiliation and have drunk from the cup of suffering.

    CHORUS (x2)
    Mr. President, your people have died. So many people are eating from the garbage.
    There you see what is happening in the country.
    Misery is everywhere and the people haven't found a place to sleep.
    I am speaking in name of the people who are suffering and crushed beneath the feet [of the powerful].

    Mr President, you told me to speak without fear,
    Here I spoke, but I knew that my end would be palms [beatings].
    I see so much injustice, and that is why I chose to speak
    [?] even though many people told me that my end will be an execution.
    But...until when [must] the Tunisian live in illusions?
    Where is freedom of expression? I saw from it that it was [merely] words.
    Tunis was named "The Green," Mr. President, [?] I see
    today that Tunis became a desert divided into [?] sides.
    Robberies in broad daylight [?] throughout the country.
    Without naming them [?], you know who they are!
    So much money was pledged for projects and infrastructure
    schools, hospitals, buildings, houses, and [constitutional?] amendments.
    But the people's money fills the sons of *****es' potbellies.
    [?] They stole, robbed, kidnapped and were unwilling to leave the seat [of power]. [?]
    I know that there are many words in the people's heart[s] that don't come out.
    If the situation weren't unjust today I would not speak.

    CHORUS x2

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