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    Default put my new blue jeans on

    Ok this song is driving me crazy. Does anyone know name of song or artist. It starts something about getting up in the morning and putting on their old blue jeans. Thanks

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    Default Duhh!

    I knew it was a Keith Urban song but could not found reference to it. Got details now thanks.

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    Default David Dundas wrote "Jeans On" in the 70s

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    Default Showing my age - I remember the Brutus advert!

    This was originally a Brutus Jeans advert, the lyric going:
    "When I wake up in the morning light
    I put on my jeans and I feel alright
    I put Brutus jeans on
    I put my Brutus jeans on

    It was so successful, it was made into a single, with the chorus being replaced by
    I put my blue jeans on
    I put my old blue jeans on etc. and presumably the rest of the song was written at this point!

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    This song is actually from way back in the 70's. It was sung by David Dundas. More recently it was redone by Keith Urban. I do like Keith Urban's version of it better but I am a country music fan so my opinion is a little biased (but on the other hand who's isn't). The older version of it is alse pretty good.

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