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    Quien Puede Domar La Fuerza Del Mal Que Se Mete Por Tus Venas
    Lo Caliente Del Sol Que Se Te Metió Y No Te Deja Quieta, Nena
    Quien Puede Parar Eso Que Al Bailar Descontrola Tus Caderas (Sexy…!)
    Y Ese Fuego Que Quema Por Dentro Y Lento, Te Convierte En Fiera

    Who's going to control the power of this wicked feeling that now gets through your veins,
    and the heat like the sun that can't let you be still at the beat, babe
    Who's going to stop this feeling that makes your hips lose control as you dance,
    This fire burning inside you slowly is gonna get you wild

    Con La Mano Arriba
    Cintura Sola
    Da Media Vuelta
    Sacude Duro
    No Te Quites Ahora
    Que Esto Sólo Empieza
    Mueve La Cabeza
    Sacude Duro

    Put your hands up
    Moving only the hips
    Turn half around
    Dance to Kuduro
    Don't lose your breath now
    Because this has just started
    Move your head
    Dance to Kuduro
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