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    Default All Translated Words and Explained Grammar Since I Joined

    this is a clickable list of many posts only from the following threads:
    Learning egyptian dialect?
    Lebanese Dialect
    Syrian Arabic
    Miscellaneous (not lyrics) Arabic <-> English Translations
    Learning Arabic language easily with Maviii
    The Language Exchange
    that discussed word meanings and grammar in the forum only since i joined the forum (7/1/2011) to 1/26/2012

    although the title of this thread says All Translated Words and Explained Grammar Since I Joined, this thread may not contain ALL posts that discussed word meanings and grammar since i joined, i tried as possible as i could to index as many posts as i could but expect missed posts or word meanings or grammar

    PLEASE NOTE: the following posts may have mistakes, typos and such things, i'm not an Arabic teacher so anything i explain in my posts may not be 100% accurate, i'm a native Arabic speaker who helps people by explaining words and grammar as best as i can, i don't know if the other users who made the following posts explained everything accurately 100% or not, i didn't check, my aim was to index many posts so that they can be easily reached

    Please Read The Following Notes Before Using The Lists Of Posts:
    1- these r not all the posts that discussed word meanings and grammar that can be found in the forum
    2- all the following posts were made by users on this forum, there's nothing external
    3- i didn't make all the following posts, i made only some of them, so if u have any questions regarding any of these posts or anything mentioned in them ask the user who made the post u have a question about
    4- again i'd like to stress that the following posts may have mistakes, typos and such things
    5- make sure u read the whole post u click on to make sure u know all the notes the user who made the post said, because picking what u were looking for quickly and closing the post may lead to incorrect translation
    6- i tried as possible as i could to classify posts according to dialect, for example posts that discuss questions related to Egyptian Arabic r classified under Applicable In Only Egyptian Arabic, however, i may missed something (i hope i didn't miss anything) and u may find posts that discuss questions related to more than 1 dialect classified under only 1 dialect

    Applicable In All Arabic Dialects And Standard Arabic
    Difference Between Standard Arabic And Dialects (More: Post 2)

    Applicable In Only Lebanese Arabic
    Difference Between Standard Arabic And Lebanese Arabic (More: Post 2)

    Applicable In All Arabic Dialects And Standard Arabic
    Why Do Arabic Words Have Numbers When Written In English Letters?
    Numbers Used In Arabic Words When Written In English Letters And What Sounds They Represent (More: More 1, More 2)
    Variability Of Writing Arabic In English Letters
    Learn To Read Arabic (Egyptian Arabic Pronunciation)
    Why It's A Little Hard To Know Where The Vowel Sounds Are In Arabic Writing
    How To Pronounce Shadda
    How To Put Hamza On Letters By Keyboard (More: More)

    Applicable In Only Egyptian Arabic
    Is There The J Sound In Egyptian Arabic?

    Applicable In Only Lebanese Arabic
    Are The س And ص Sounds, The ت And ط Sounds Pronounced The Same?

    Applicable In All Arabic Dialects And Standard Arabic
    be (ب) And fe (فى)
    el 3alam (العالم) And el donya (الدنيا)

    Applicable In Only Egyptian Arabic
    3ala tol (على طول) And do3'ry (دغرى)
    3awza (عاوزة) And 3ayza (عايزة)
    a5barak (اخبارك) And ezayak (ازيك)
    a7ebb (احب) And ba7ebb (بحب)
    ana 3andy (انا عندى) And ana ma3aya (انا معايا)
    ana 3andy mushkela (انا عندى مشكلة) And fe mushkela (فى مشكلة)
    bafakkar (بفكر) And bafteker (بفتكر) (More: Post 2)
    daruuri (ضرورى) And laazim (لازم) (More: Post 2)
    etsharrafna (اتشرفنا) And tasharrafna (تشرفنا) and tesharrafna (تشرفنا)
    far7an (فرحان) And mabsoot (مبسوط) and sa3eed (سعيد)
    ha (ه) And 7a (ح) (More: Post 2)
    kefaya (كفاية) And khalas (خلاص)
    kteer (كتير) And awi (اوى)
    ma3 ba3d (مع بعض) And sawa (سوا)
    Possessive Adjective And The Expression Beta3 (بتاع)
    wa7ashteeni (وحشتينى) And wa7shani (وحشانى)

    Applicable In Only Lebanese Arabic
    dakheelak (دخيلك) And dakhlak (دخلك)
    eza (اذا) And law (لو)
    shta2tillek (اشتقتلك) And wa7ashtini (وحشتينى) (More: More 1, More 2)

    Applicable In Only Syrian Arabic
    dakheelak (دخيلك) And dakhlak (دخلك)

    Applicable In All Arabic Dialects And Standard Arabic
    Is The Definite Article Used In City Names?
    Is The Definite Article Used In Country Names?

    Applicable In Only Standard Arabic
    Expression Kullama (كلما)

    Applicable In All Arabic Dialects
    Al Mothana
    Comparative (Quiz)
    Expression Wala (ولا) (Quiz)
    Singular Feminine Form Can Be Used To Refer To The Plural (More: Post 2)

    Applicable In Only Egyptian Arabic
    Continuity (Quiz) (Quiz Answers)
    Order Of Words In Sentences (More: Post 2)
    Preposition 3an (عن) (About/On) With All Pronouns
    Preposition 3ashan (عشان) (For/To) With All Pronouns
    Preposition Le (ل) (For)
    Preposition Ma3a (مع) (With) With All Pronouns
    Preposition Men (من) (From) With All Pronouns
    Present Verb Conjugation
    Removing Ambiguity in Adjectives
    Should The Adjectives Be In The Plural If The Nouns They Describe Are In The Plural?
    The Expression Beta3 (بتاع) in All Cases
    Where To Put The Negative Sh Part In A Verb That Has The Object Pronouns Ak (ك) (Singular Masculine) And Ek (ك) (Singular Feminine)
    Why Definite Article Is Sometimes Used And Sometimes Not

    Applicable In Only Lebanese Arabic
    Badde Yak (بدى ياك) With All Pronouns
    Ordinal Numbers
    Reflexive Pronouns

    Applicable In Only Syrian Arabic
    Object Pronouns

    Applicable In Only Egyptian Arabic
    3eref (عرف) (know) (Past)
    akal (اكل) (eat) (Present)
    eshtara (اشترى) (buy) (Present)
    et3alem (اتعلم) (learn) (Present)
    fakar (فكر) (think) (Present)
    kaan (كان) (be) (Present/Past)
    katab (كتب) (write) (Past)
    le3eb (لعب) (play) (Present)
    meshi (مشى) (walk) (Present)
    sa2al (سأل) (ask) (Present)
    shereb (شرب) (drink) (Present)

    Applicable In Only Lebanese Arabic
    kann (كن) (calm down/sit quiet and still) (Present/Past)
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    Learning egyptian dialect?
    Lebanese Dialect
    Syrian Arabic
    Miscellaneous (not lyrics) Arabic <-> English Translations
    Learning Arabic language easily with Maviii
    The Language Exchange
    STARTING FROM 7/1/2011 TO 1/26/2012

    A FEW POSTS LISTED AS AN ARABIC-ENGLISH DICTIONARY (Includes All Arabic Dialects And Standard Arabic)

    PART 1

    2a3ad (قعد) (More: Post 2)
    2aal (قال)
    2adam (قدم)
    2adeem (قديم)
    2afal (قفل)
    2ahwa (قهوة)
    2alash (قلش)
    2alb (قلب)
    2am (قام)
    2amis (قميص)
    2ara (قرا) (More: Post 2)
    2aret (قريت)
    2erd (قرد)
    2erfa (قرفة)
    2odet el ma3esha (اوضة المعيشة)
    2odet noom (اوضة نوم)
    2oltillak (قلتلك) (More: Post 2)
    2orayyeb (قريب)
    2orod (قرود)
    2oSSayer (قصير)
    2ota (قطة)
    2otat (قطط)

    3adasa (عدسة)
    3adda 3ala (عدى على)
    3adi (عادى)
    3ads (عدس)
    3agal (عجل) (Meaning 1)
    3agal (عجل) (Meaning 2)
    3agala (عجلة) (Meaning 1)
    3agala (عجلة) (Meaning 2)
    3agala (عجلة) (Meaning 3)
    3agalat (عجلات)
    3ala baba? (على بابا؟) (More: Post 2)
    3ala shaan (علشان)
    3ala tol (على طول) (More: Post 2, Post 3) (Meaning 1)
    3ala tol (على طول) (More: Post 2, Post 3) (Meaning 2)
    3allam (علم)
    3amal (عمل) (Meaning 1)
    3amal (عمل) (Meaning 2)
    3ammar (عمر)
    3an (عن)
    3ard (عرض)
    3asal (عسل)
    3asali (عسلى)
    3asefa (عاصفة)
    3asha (عشا)
    3ashan (عشان)
    3ashan 5ater (عشان خاطر)
    3ashanak (عشانك)
    3ashra (عشرة)
    3awasef (عواصف)
    3azeez (عزيز)
    3azeezi (عزيزى)
    3ebb (عب)
    3een (عين)
    3endak kam sana (عندك كام سنة)
    3endek kam sana (عندك كام سنة)
    3ennabi (عنابى)
    3eref (عرف) (Meaning 1)
    3eref (عرف) (Meaning 2)
    3esh (عيش)
    3eshreen (عشرين)
    3etr (عطر)
    3o2d (عقد)
    3'aba (غابة)
    3'abat (غابات)
    3'ada (غدا)
    3'ana (غنى)
    3'asal (غسل) (More: Post 2)
    3'asala (غسل)
    3'asala (غسالة)
    3'asalat (غسالات)
    3'ayyar (غير)
    3'azal (غزل)
    3'er (غير)
    3'obar (غبار)

    5ad (خد) (More: Post 2)
    5'ad (خد)
    5'afeef (خفيف)
    5ala (خلى)
    5'alla (خلى) (Meaning 1)
    5'alla (خلى) (Meaning 2)
    5anazeer (خنازير)
    5anzeer (خنزير)
    5anee2 (خنيق)
    5arab (خرب)
    5arag (خرج)
    5'areg (خارج)
    5ashab (خشب)
    5atam (خاتم)
    5ayat (خياط)
    5ayata (خياطة)
    5ena2a (خناقة)
    5eser (خسر)
    5odar (خضار)
    5odood (خدود)
    5rbane (خربانة)

    6amma3 (طمع)
    6awwalt (طولت)
    6eme3 (طمع)

    7abb (حب)
    7abl (حبل)
    7adeed (حديد)
    7adeeqa (حديقة)
    7afalat (حفلات)
    7afla (حفلة)
    7aleeb (حليب) (More: Post 2)
    7altin (حالتين)
    7anafeya (حنفية)
    7anafeyat (حنفيات)
    7aram (حرام)
    7aram 3alik (حرام عليك)
    7arr (حر)
    7asab we nasab (حسب ونسب)
    7asal (حصل) (More: Post 2)
    7ashara (حشرة)
    7asharat (حشرات)
    7ass (حس)
    7at (حط) (More: Post 2)
    7atet (حاطط)
    7aya (حياة)
    7ayaweyya (حيوية)
    7azeen (حزين) (More: Post 2)
    7azzar (حذر)
    7ebal (حبال)
    7edashar (حداشر)
    7ob (حب)
    7obbak (حبك)
    7ofar (حفر)
    7ofra (حفرة)
    7rarah (حرارة)

    a2sar (اقصر)
    a3maq (اعمق)
    a5ad (اخد)
    a5dar (اخضر)
    a5shab (اخشاب)
    a7bata (احبط)
    a7mar (احمر)
    a7tar (احتار) (More: Post 2)
    a7waal (احوال)
    a7wal (احول)
    ab3at (ابعت)
    abajora (ابجورة)
    abl ma (قبل ما)
    abwab (ابواب)
    abyad (ابيض) (More: Post 2)
    afwan (عفوا)
    agne7a (اجنحة)
    ahlan wa sahlan (اهلا وسهلا)
    ahli (اهلى)
    akaal (اكل)
    akalat (اكلات)
    akbar (اكبر)
    akla (اكلة)
    al (ال)
    al2an (قلقان)
    ala (على)
    alamen (قلمين)
    amal (امل)
    ana (انا)
    ana 3andy (انا عندى)
    ana ma3aya (انا معايا)
    ana tamam (انا تمام)
    anaam (انام)
    ananas (اناناس)
    andaf (انضف)
    anhi (انهى)
    ansah (انساه)
    ansak (انساك) (More: Post 2)
    anwar (انوار)
    ara2 (اراء)
    ara2 (ارق)
    arb3een (اربعين)
    arba3a (اربعة)
    arba3tashar (اربعتاشر)
    argok (ارجوك) (More: Post 2)
    argoky (ارجوكى)
    arozz (ارز)
    arz (ارز)
    as3'ar (اصغر)
    asanser (اصنصير)
    asanserat (اصنصيرات)
    asfar (اصفر) (More: Post 2)
    ashe3et el shams (اشعة الشمس)
    askaye (اسكاية)
    asmaa2 (اسماء)
    assas (اسس)
    atba2 (اطباق)
    atr (قطر)
    atwal (اطول) (Meaning 1)
    atwal (اطول) (Meaning 2)
    awal (اول)
    awel (اول)
    ay (اى)
    ayez (عايز)
    az-zamaalek (الزمالك)
    az3ag (ازعج)
    azara (ازر)
    azra2 (ازرق) (More: Post 2)
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    PART 2

    ba2a (بقى) (More: Post 2) (Meaning 1)
    ba2a (بقى) (Meaning 2)
    ba2aale (بقالى)
    ba2aalo (بقاله)
    ba2ar (بقر)
    ba2donees (بقدونس)
    ba2mor (بأمر)
    ba2ra (بقرة)
    ba3d (بعد)
    ba3D (بعض)
    ba3eed (بعيد)
    baaD (باض)
    bab (باب)
    badde yak (بدى ياك)
    bafakkar (بفكر) (More: Post 2)
    bafteker (بفتكر) (More: Post 2)
    bakaa (بكى)
    bakol (باكل)
    bamshy (بمشى)
    bamya (بامية)
    banafsaji (بنفسجى)
    banat (بنات)
    bar2o2 (برقوق)
    bard (برد)
    bas (بس) (More: Post 2, Post 3) (Meaning 1)
    bas (بس) (Meaning 2)
    bas2al (بسأل)
    bashrab (بشرب)
    bashtery (بشترى)
    bat3lem (بتعلم)
    batn (بطن)
    batee5 (بطيخ)
    be (ب)
    be bot2 (ببطء)
    be omoor (بأمور)
    bebalash (ببلاش)
    bema en (بما ان)
    bent (بنت)
    bernemej (برنامج) (More: Post 2)
    besara7a (بصراحة) (More: Post 2)
    beskeletta (بسكلتة)
    beskelettat (بسكلتات)
    bi saraha (بصراحة)
    bikhsus (بخصوص)
    blouze (بلوزة)
    bo2 (بق)
    bo3d (بعد)
    bo7ayrat (بحيرات)
    bo7era (بحيرة)
    bokra (بكرة)
    bon (بن)
    bonni (بنى) (More: Post 2)
    borto2an (برتقان) (More: Post 2)
    borto2ana (برتقانة)
    borto2any (برتقانى) (More: Post 2)
    bortoqali (برتقالى)
    bta3ak (بتاعك)
    bta3ek (بتاعك)
    bta3na (بتاعنا)
    bta3y (بتاعى)
    btengaan (بتنجان)
    buza (بوظة)
    bye7roz (بيحرز)

    camera (كاميرا)
    camerat (كاميرات)

    d3ouli (ادعولى)
    da (ده) (More: Post 2)
    da2era (دائرة)
    da2n (دقن)
    da5'el (داخل)
    dafer (ضافر)
    dah (ده)
    dahab (دهب)
    dahabi (دهبى)
    dahia (دهية)
    dahr (ضهر)
    dakheelak (دخيلك)
    dakhlak (دخلك)
    daletni (دلتنى)
    dalla3 (دلع)
    dallouni (دلونى)
    dalma (ضلمة)
    dalni (دلنى)
    dar (دار)
    dar 3ard (دار عرض)
    darar (ضرر)
    darras (درس)
    dawa2er (دوائر)
    dawaleeb (دواليب)
    dawayer (دواير)
    dawraq (دورق)
    daye2 (ضايق)
    dayra (دايرة)
    de7ek (ضحك)
    deek (ديك) (More: Post 2)
    dera3 (دراع)
    do3'ry (دغرى) (Meaning 1)
    do3'ry (دغرى) (Meaning 2)
    dolab (دولاب)
    dor (دور) (Meaning 1)
    dor (دور) (Meaning 2)
    dor el 3ard (دور العرض)
    dorah (درة)

    e5tar (اختار)
    e7na (احنا)
    e7tawa (احتوى)
    e7terem nafsak (احترم نفسك) (Meaning 1)
    e7terem nafsak (احترم نفسك) (Meaning 2)
    edda (ادى)
    eed (ايد)
    eftakar (افتكر)
    eh ba3ref
    ehtam (اهتم)
    ejo (اجوا)
    ek (ك)
    el (ال)
    el 3alam (العالم)
    el 3ama (العمى)
    el-3asher (العاشر)
    el 3omr (العمر) (More: Post 2)
    el-5amis (الخامس)
    el 7amdo lela (الحمد لله)
    el-awwal (الاول)
    el baqa2 lellah (البقاء لله)
    el donya (لدنيا)
    el e3lan (الاعلان)
    el fada2 (الفضاء)
    el kawn (الكون)
    el-rabe3 (الرابع)
    el-sabi3 (السابع)
    el-sedis (السادس)
    el-talet (التالت)
    el-tamin (التامن)
    el-tase3 (التاسع)
    el-teni (التانى)
    el zaher (الظاهر)
    ela (الى)
    ela (الا)
    elle (اللى) (More: Post 2, Post 3)
    ellet zo2 (قلة ذوق)
    embare7 (امبارح)
    emsek (امسك)
    enno (انه)
    ensani (انسانى)
    enta (انت) (More: Post 2)
    enty (انتى) (More: Post 2, Post 3)
    ertaa7 (ارتاح)
    eshraaf (اشراف)
    eshta (اشطة) (More: Post 2)
    eshta2nalo (اشتقناله)
    eshta3'al (اشتغل)
    eshtara (اشترى)
    eskot (اسكت)
    esm (اسم)
    esma3ne (اسمعنى)
    esmak eh (اسمك ايه)
    esmek eh (اسمك ايه)
    esta5aba (استخبى)
    estafazz (استفز)
    estanna (استنى)
    este3ab (استيعاب)
    esterayya7 (استريح)
    eswara (اسورة)
    eswed (اسود) (More: Post 2)
    et2alabet (اتقلبت)
    et3'ada (اتغدى)
    et3'asal (اتغسل)
    etDaaye2 (اتضايق)
    etefa2 (اتفاق)
    etefaq (اتفاق)
    etfakkek (اتفكك)
    etfarrag 3ala (اتفرج على)
    etkasar (اتكسر)
    etla3ab (اتلعب)
    etnashar (اتناشر)
    etnen (اتنين)
    etsarraf (اتصرف)
    ettefaq (اتفاق)
    etwassa (اتوصى)
    ez3ag (ازعاج)
    eza (اذا)
    ezan (اذا)
    ezay (ازاى)
    ezayyak (ازيك)
    ezzayek (ازيك)

    faa2 (فاق)
    faa3 (فاع)
    faare3' (فارغ)
    fad (فاد)
    fadah (فضة)
    fadl we ne3ma (فضل ونعمة)
    fakar (فكر)
    fakha (فاكهة)
    fakkaka (فكك)
    fal7a (فالحة)
    fale7 (فالح)
    fananeen (فنانين)
    far2 (فرق)
    far5a (فرخة) (More: Post 2)
    far7aan (فرحان)
    farra2 (فرق)
    fat (فات)
    fat 3ala (فات على)
    fat7a (فاتحة)
    fata7 (فتح)
    fate7 (فاتح)
    fawakeh (فواكه)
    fe (فى)
    fe lam7 el basar (فى لمح البصر)
    fe3lan (فعلا)
    fedel (فضل)
    feel (فيل)
    fehem (فهم)
    felfel (فلفل)
    fera5 (فراخ)
    fetar (فطار)
    feyala (فيلة)
    fi (فى)
    foo2i (فوقى)
    fustan (فستان) (More: Post 2)

    ga2 (جاء)
    ga2at (جاءت)
    gaab (جاب) (More: Post 2)
    ganayen (جناين)
    ganeen (جنين)
    garson (جرسون)
    gawaab (جواب)
    gazma (جزمة) (More: Post 2)
    gdeed (جديد)
    geh (جه)
    gena7 (جناح)
    genena (جنينة)
    gezam (جزم)
    ghaadara (غادر)

    ha (ها)
    hadaa (هدى)
    hadaya (هدايا)
    haddeeha (هديها)
    haddi ya (هدى يا)
    hade2a (هادئة)
    hadeya (هدية)
    hadya (هادية)
    haga (حاجة)
    hal (هال)
    harab (هرب)
    haram (حرام)
    hedeya (هدية)
    hodoom (هدوم)
    hona (هنا)

    imshy (امشى)
    inshallah (ان شاء الله) (More: Post 2)
    itkallim (اتكلم)
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    PART 3

    ja3al (جعل)
    jadbe (جدبة)
    jari2 (جرىء)
    jawaab (جواب)
    jaww/ajwaa2 (اجواء/جو)
    jit (جيت)

    ka (ك)
    kaan (كان) (More: Post 2, Post 3)
    kaboos/kawabees (كابوس/كوابيس)
    kafaa (كفى)
    kalb/kelab (كلاب/كلب)
    kamen (كمان)
    kamen marra (كمان مرة)
    kamoon (كمون)
    kan 3andi (كان عندى)
    kanaba/kanab (كنبة/كنب)
    kann (كن)
    kasar (كسر)
    kassar (كسر)
    kawkab/kawakeb (كوكب/كواكب)
    ke (كى)
    kebeer (كبير) (Meaning 1)
    kebeer (كبير) (Meaning 2)
    keda (كده) (More: Post 2) (Meaning 1)
    keda (كده) (Meaning 2)
    keda (كده) (More: Post 2) (Meaning 3)
    keef (كيف)
    kefaya (كفاية)
    kelme (كلمة)
    ken (كن) (More: Post 2)
    ketaben (كتابين)
    keteer (كتير)
    ketf (كتف)
    khalaaS ba2a (خلاص بقى)
    khalas (خلاص)
    khamsa (خمسة)
    khamstashar (خمستاشر)
    khede/khod (خد/خدى)
    kmaale (كمالة)
    kobaya (كوباية)
    kobayat (كوبايات)
    kol sana wa inty tayiba (كل سنة وانتى طيبة)
    koma (كومة)
    kometra (كمترى)
    koo3 (كوع)
    korh (كره) (More: Post 2)
    kullama (كلما)

    la tfawel
    la twakhizni
    la2 (لا)
    la2a (لقى)
    la2aa (لقى)
    la3i (لعى)
    laban (لبن) (More: Post 2)
    laken (لكن) (More: Post 2)
    lamba (لمبة)
    lamoon (لمون)
    lateefa (لطيفة)
    law (لو)
    law sama7t/law sama7ty (لو سمحتى/لو سمحت)
    layl (ليل)
    layle (ليلة)
    lazem (لازم) (More: Post 2)
    lazeez (لذيذ)
    le3eb (لعب) (More: Post 2, Post 3)
    le7e2/yel7a2 (يلحق/لحق)
    lebs (لبس)
    lon/alwan (لون/الوان)

    m3a as-salaama (مع السلامة)
    ma elo (ما الو)
    ma2am (مقام)
    ma2fool (مقفول)
    ma3lesh (معلش)
    ma3loom (معلوم)
    ma3rafsh (معرفش)
    ma3'shoosh/ma3'shosha (مغشوش/مغشوشة)
    ma5ada/ma5adat (مخدة/مخدات)
    ma7a (محى)
    ma7adesh (محدش)
    maani (مانى)
    mablool (مبلول)
    mabna/mabani (مبنى/مبانى)
    mabsooT (مبسوط) (More: Post 2)
    madad (مدد)
    madded (مدد)
    madeena/modon (مدينة/مدن)
    mafatee7 (مفاتيح)
    mafjoo3 (مفجوع)
    magarra (مجرة)
    magboor el 5ater (مجبور الخاطر)
    mahma (مهما)
    mahma kan (مهما كان)
    mal7 (ملح)
    malaame7 (ملامح)
    mall (مل)
    malo (ماله)
    malyaan (مليان)
    mani (مانى)
    mar7aba (مرحبا)
    markaz (مركز)
    martaba/marateb (مراتب/مرتبة)
    masa al ward (مساء الورد)
    masa7 (مسح)
    maSaari (مصارى)
    mash3'ool (مشغول)
    mashhor (مشهور)
    mashoftaksh/mashoftekeesh (ماشفتكيش/ماشفتكش)
    mashy (ماشى) (Meaning 1)
    mashy (ماشى) (Meaning 2)
    masla7jiye (مصلحجية)
    masme3taksh/masme3tekeesh (ماسمعتكيش/ماسمعتكش)
    matar/amtar (مطر/امطار)
    matba5 (مطبخ) (More: Post 2)
    mawdoo3 (موضوع)
    maz3ouj (مزعوج)
    me3dah (معدة)
    meen (مين)
    mekaffy (مكفى)
    men (من) (More: Post 2, Post 3, Post 4)
    menayel (منيل)
    merat (مرات)
    meraya/merayat (مرايات/مراية)
    mesa2at (مسقط)
    mesek (مسك)
    mesh/mosh (مش/مش)
    meshi (مشى) (More: Post 2)
    metday2a (متضايقة)
    metdaye2 (متضايق)
    metnayel (متنيل)
    min (من)
    mn l layle (من الليلة)
    mo2asses (مؤسس)
    mo3arraD (معرض)
    mobile/mobailat (موبايل/موبايلات)
    modablaj (مدبلج)
    modareseen (مدرسين)
    modtar (مضطر)
    mofta7 (مفتاح)
    mokalma (مكالمة)
    mokawwenaat (مكونات) (More: Post 2)
    molfet (ملفت)
    momaseleen (ممثلين)
    momkin (ممكن)
    morattab (مرتب)
    mosa3da (مساعدة)
    mosalsal/mosalsalat (مسلسل/مسلسلات)
    mosh (مش)
    moshmes (مشمس)
    moshta2enlo (مشتاقينله)
    mostafeza (مستفزة)
    mota2akeda/mota2aked (متأكدة/متأكد)
    motosekl/motoseklat (موتوسيكل/موتوسيكلات)
    moz3eg (مزعج) (More: Post 2) (Meaning 1)
    moz3eg (مزعج) (Meaning 2)

    naa2em (نائم)
    naa3em (ناعم)
    naada (نادى)
    naashef (ناشف)
    naawe (ناوى)
    nabat/nabatat (نبات/نباتات)
    nada (ندى)
    nada (نادى)
    naDDafa (نظف)
    naDef (نضيف) (More: Post 2)
    nafoora (نافورة)
    nagaf/nagafa (نجف/نجفة)
    nahr/anhar (نهر/انهار)
    nam (نام)
    nas (ناس)
    natirtak (ناطرتك)
    natrik (ناطرك)
    nawwar (نور) (Meaning 1)
    nawwar (نور) (Meaning 2)
    ne (نى)
    ne3na3 (نعناع)
    neda2 (نداء)
    nefsy (نفسى)
    nefsy ashofo (نفسى اشوفه)
    nemra (نمرة)
    nemret telephone/nemar telephone (نمرة تليفون/نمر تليفون)
    nesi (نسى)
    nezel (نزل)
    nhaar (نهار) (More: Post 2)
    nidif (نضيف)
    noor (نور)

    o (و)
    o5t (اخت)
    olayel (قليل)
    olla/olal (قلل/قلة)
    ommal (اومال)
    otobees/otobesat (اتوبيس/اتوبيسات)

    qadam/aqdam (قدم/اقدام)
    qala/yaqulu (يقول/قال)
    qamoos/qawamees (قاموس/قواميس)
    qana/qanawat (قناة/قنوات)
    qema (قيمة)
    qera2a (قراءة)
    qessa/qesas (قصة/قصص)
    qetar (قطار)

    ra2aba (رقبة)
    ra2S/yor2oS (يرقص/رقص)
    ra7 (راح) (More: Post 2, Post 3)
    raabeT (رابط)
    raakher/rokhra/rakhereen (رخرين/رخرة/راخر) (More: Post 2, Post 3)
    raas (راس)
    radio/radiohat (راديو/راديوهات)
    ragel/regala (رجالة/راجل)
    raja2an (رجاء)
    raml (رمل)
    rann (رن)
    raseef/arsefa (رصيف/ارصفة)
    raw3a (روعة)
    rawwa7 (روح)
    rayi2 (رايق)
    re7la (رحلة)
    re7tella (رحتلها)
    ref2a (رفقة)
    regl (رجل) (More: Post 2)
    reglen (رجلين)
    remal (رمال)
    remote/remotat (ريموت/ريموتات)
    reya7 (رياح)
    romady (رمادى) (More: Post 2)
    rou7ak (روحك)
    rozz (رز)
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    PART 4

    sa2 (ساق)
    sa2e3/sa23a (ساقع/ساقعة)
    sa3a (ساعة) (Meaning 1)
    sa3a (ساعة) (Meaning 2)
    sa3b (صعب)
    sa3eed (سعيد) (More: Post 2)
    sa3i (ساعى)
    sa5ra/so5oor/sa5r (صخرة/صخور/صخر)
    sa7aba/sa7ab (سحابة/سحاب)
    sa7i (صاحى)
    sa7ia (صاحية)
    sa7yeen (صاحيين)
    saa2/yesoo2 (يسوق/ساق)
    saa3aat (ساعات)
    saa7e (صاحى)
    sab3a (سبعة)
    saba3tashar (سبعتاشر)
    sabah al yasmin (صباح الياسمين)
    sadaa2a (صداقة)
    safeena/sofon (سفن/سفينة)
    saff (صف)
    sahten wa'afeya (صحتين وعافية)
    sama/samawat (سما/سموات)
    sama2/samawat (سماء/سموات)
    samma (سمى)
    sara7t (سرحت)
    saree3 (سريع)
    saree3a (سريعة)
    sawani (صوانى)
    sawra (ثورة)
    se7e (صحى) (More: Post 2)
    sedr (صدر)
    seed (صيد)
    seggada/sagageed (سجادة/سجاجيد)
    sekka (سكة)
    sekkeen/sekkeena (سكين/سكينة)
    sellem/salalem (سلم/سلالم)
    seme3 (سمع) (More: Post 2)
    set/setat (ستات/ست)
    seta (ستة)
    setara (ستارة)
    setashar (ستاشر)
    setteen (ستين)
    sha2awa (شقاوة)
    sha3r (شعر) (More: Post 2)
    sha5seya (شخصية)
    shaaf/yeshoof (يشوف/شاف) (More: Post 2)
    shaba7 (شبح)
    shafo (شافه)
    shagar (شجر)
    shagee3 (شجيع)
    shakelkon (شكلكن)
    shakosh (شكوش)
    shal (شال)
    shall (شل)
    sham3a/shomoo3 (شمعة/شموع)
    shamma3a/shamma3at (شماعة/شماعات)
    shanta (شنطة)
    shaqeya/sha2eya (شقية/شقية)
    sharad (شرد)
    sharadet (شردت)
    share3/shaware3 (شوارع/شارع)
    shasha (شاشة)
    shashat (شاشات)
    shate2 (شاطىء)
    shay (شاى)
    shefah (شفة)
    shemaal (شمال)
    shereb (شرب)
    shersh (شرش)
    shewaya (شوية)
    shirih (شره)
    shoga3a (شجاعة)
    shogaa3 (شجاع)
    shoka/shewak (شوكة/شوك)
    shoof (شوف)
    shorba (شوربة)
    shoub (شوب)
    shu had (شو هاد)
    shu hayda (شو هيدا)
    shu mshanak
    shughl (شغل)
    sla7 (سلاح)
    so5n/so5na (سخن/سخنة)
    so7be (صحبة)
    soba3/swabe3 (صوابع/صباع)
    sokar (سكر)
    som3a (سمعة)
    soor/aswar (سور/اسوار)
    sora/sewar (صور/صورة)
    sreer/srayer (سراير/سرير)
    stayer (ستاير) (More: Post 2)
    sughayyer (صغير)

    ta (ت) (Meaning 1)
    ta (ت) (Meaning 2)
    ta2er (طائر)
    ta3m (طعم)
    ta7t (تحت)
    taba2 (طبق)
    taba3e/tab3ouli (تبعولى/تبعى)
    taba5'/yotbo5' (يطبخ/طبخ)
    tabba5/tabba5a (طباخ/طباخة)
    tabzeer (تبذير)
    tafakkaka (تفكك)
    tah (تاه)
    tahyees (تهييس)
    taklef (تكليف)
    talab (طلب)
    talata (تلاتة)
    talg (تلج)
    taltashar (تلتاشر)
    talteen (تلاتين)
    tamanya (تمنية)
    tamma3/6amma3 (طماع) (More: Post 2)
    tamseleya/tamseleyat (تمثيلية/تمثيليات)
    tannoura (تنورة) (More: Post 2)
    tany (تانى)
    tarabeza/tarabezat (تربيزة/تربيزات)
    taree2 (طريق) (More: Post 2)
    taree2a (طريقة) (More: Post 2)
    tarya2a (تريقة)
    taweel (طويل)
    tawela (طاولة)
    tayara/tayarat (طيارة/طيارات)
    tayaran (طيران)
    te2el (تقيل)
    te6wal o te2sar (تطول وتقصر)
    tehe2 (طهق)
    tekheen (تخين)
    telefizyon/telefizyonat (تليفزيون/تليفزيونات)
    telephone (تليفون)
    teneen (تنين)
    tes3a (تسعة)
    tesa3tashar (تسعتاشر)
    tesbahi 3la khir (تصبحى على خير)
    tesharrafna (تشرفنا)
    tmantashar (تمنتاشر)
    tool/6ool (طول) (More: Post 2) (Meaning 1)
    tool/6ool (طول) (Meaning 2)
    tool ba3ard (طول بعرض)
    toom (توم)
    toot (توت)
    torab/atreba (تراب/اتربة)
    torta (تورتة)
    tuffaha/tuffah (تفاحة/تفاح)
    tyassar/tyassarat/tyassaret (تيسرت/تيسرت/تيسر) (Meaning 1)
    tyassar (تيسر) (Meaning 2)

    w (و)
    w enta? (وانت)
    wa7ashna/wa7eshna (واحشنا/وحشنا)
    wa7ashteni/wa7ashteeni (وحشتينى/وحشتنى)
    wa7ed (واحد)
    wa7ed w 3shreen (واحد وعشرين)
    wa7ed w talteen (واحد وتلاتين)
    wadee3 (وديع)
    wala (ولا)
    walad/welad (ولاد/ولد)
    walla (ولا)
    wana (وانا)
    wana bardo (وانا برضو)
    wana kaman (وانا كمان)
    waqa7a (وقاحة)
    wara2ten (ورقتين)
    waraa (ورا)
    warda/ward (وردة/ورد)
    wardy (وردى) (More: Post 2)
    warra (ورى)
    waseefa (وصيفة)
    waseq/wasqa (واثق/واثقة)
    wassa (وصى)
    we2e3 (وقع)
    we2ef (وقف)
    we7yat (وحياة)
    wedn (ودن)
    wenty kaman (وانتى كمان)
    wesh (وش) (More: Post 2)

    y3eesh 3ala (يعيش على) (Meaning 1)
    y3eesh 3ala (يعيش على) (Meaning 2)
    ya (يا)
    ya 3amm (يا عم)
    ya 5abar (يا خبر)
    ya basha (يا باشا) (More: Post 2)
    ya fandem (يا فندم)
    ya jame3a (يا جماعة)
    ya kabtayn (يا كابتن)
    ya kbeer (يا كبير)
    ya ret (يا ريت) (More: Post 2)
    ya5od (ياخد)
    ya5ti (ياختى)
    yaama (ياما)
    yaba (يابا)
    yabni (يبنى)
    yakool (ياكل)
    yally (ياللى)
    yamma (ياما) (Meaning 1) (More: Post 2)
    yamma (ياما) (Meaning 2)
    yaqfez (يقفز)
    yasmeen (ياسمين)
    ye2arri (يقرى)
    ye2fel (يقفل)
    ye2ool (يقول)
    ye2oom (يقوم)
    ye2ra (يقرا) (More: Post 2)
    ye2ta3 3esh (يقطع عيش)
    ye2zi (يؤذى)
    ye3adi el share3/3ada el share3 (يعدى الشارع/عدى الشارع)
    ye3raf (يعرف)
    ye3'ammes/3'ammes (يغمس/غمس)
    ye3'ani (يغنى)
    ye5ali (يخلى)
    ye5sar (يخسر)
    ye5tar (يختار)
    ye7ess (يحس)
    ye7mi/7ama (يحمى/حمى)
    yeb2a (يبقى)
    yed7ak (يضحك)
    yedou2 (يدوق)
    yefakar (يفكر)
    yefham (يفهم)
    yehde (يهدى)
    yejra7 (يجرح)
    yekalem (يكلم)
    yeksar/kasar (يكسر/كسر)
    yekwi/kawa (يكوى/كوى)
    yel3ab be delo (يلعب بديله)
    yela2i (يلاقى)
    yela5bat (يلخبط)
    yelbes/lebes (يلبس/لبس)
    yem7i (يمحى)
    yemeen (يمين)
    yemla/mala (يملا/ملا)
    yemsa7 (يمسح)
    yemsek (يمسك)
    yemshi (يمشى)
    yenadi (ينادى)
    yenam (ينام)
    yenayel (ينيل)
    yenott (ينط)
    yensa (ينسى)
    yenzel (ينزل)
    yeren (يرن)
    yeroo7 (يروح)
    yesalla7/salla7 (يصلح/صلح)
    yeseeb (يسيب)
    yeshaga3 (يشجع)
    yeshoof (يشوف)
    yeshrab (يشرب)
    yesht3'al (يشتغل)
    yeshteri (يشترى)
    yesoo2 (يسوق)
    yesta5aba (يستخبى)
    yestahel (يستاهل)
    yeste3'fil (يستغفل)
    yet3amel ma3/yata3amal ma3/et3amel ma3/ta3amal ma3 (يتعامل مع/يتعامل مع/اتعامل مع/تعامل مع)
    yet3awed 3ala (يتعود على)
    yet3'ada (يتغدى)
    yetaba2 (يطبق)
    yetfarrag 3ala (يتفرج على)
    yetkallim (يتكلم)
    yetla3 (يطلع)
    yewa66i (يوطى)
    yewari (يورى)
    yewfi bel wa3d (يوفى بالوعد)
    yez3al (يزعل)
    yeza33al (يزعل)
    yezawed (يزود)
    yezha2 (يزهق)
    yhayas (يهيص)
    yhayes (يهيس)
    yi7ibb (يحب)
    yil3ab (يلعب)
    yisma3 (يسمع)
    ymor (يمر)
    yo23od (يقعد)
    yo2a3 (يقع)
    yo2af (يقف)
    yo2akhiz (يؤاخذ)
    yodaffe3 el taman (يدفع التمن)
    ysawi (يساوى)
    ytawwel (يطول)
    yumkinuka (يمكنك)

    za33a2 (زعق)
    za3eem (زعيم)
    za3lan (زعلان)
    zah2an (زهقان)
    zahr/zahri (زهرى/زهر)
    zahra/azhar/zohoor (زهور/ازهار/زهرة)
    zamalkaawe (زملكاوى)
    zawed (زود)
    zawj (زوج)
    zawja (زوجة)
    zay el alef (زى الالف)
    zehe2 (زهق)
    zhe2t (زهقت)
    zoga (زوجة)
    zorar/zarayer (زرار/زراير)
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    1- the following list contains only a few word meanings from a few posts
    2- the following list is the same list of Arabic-English words above (in which Arabic words r translated) but changed to work as a list of English-Arabic words by making the meanings of the Arabic words clickable
    3- be careful when using the following list because of 2 reasons:
    the 1st reason is that 1 thing can be called many things, for example the English word man is ragel in Egyptian Arabic but the word wa7ed (for example in the sentence fe wa7ed kan hena sa2al 3alek (there was a man here and he asked about u)) can be also used to give the meaning of man, each one of them is used in different cases, so when u click on the word man in the following list u may get only 1 of them and u should know what the cases this one is used in before using it

    the 2nd reason is that words in Arabic have gender and the gender of the Arabic words u come up with using the following list is maybe mentioned in the posts discussing these words and maybe not, for example if u wanna know what happy is in Arabic and u found the word happy in the following list and when u checked it u found that it's sa3eed, remember that sa3eed is a masculine word, so u can't use it to describe a feminine noun, because the word sa3eeda (with an a added to the end) is the feminine equivalent that should be used

    A FEW POSTS LISTED AS AN ENGLISH-ARABIC DICTIONARY (Includes All Arabic Dialects And Standard Arabic)

    PART 1

    2 (Egyptian Arabic)
    4 (Egyptian Arabic)
    5 (Standard/Egyptian Arabic)
    10 (Egyptian Arabic)
    11 (Egyptian Arabic)
    12 (Egyptian Arabic)
    14 (Egyptian Arabic)
    15 (Egyptian Arabic)
    20 (Egyptian Arabic)
    40 (Egyptian Arabic)

    a lot (Egyptian Arabic)
    abdomen (Egyptian Arabic)
    about (All Arabic Dialects And Standard Arabic)
    advertisement (Standard/Egyptian Arabic)
    after (Standard/Egyptian Arabic)
    agreement (Egyptian Arabic)
    and you? (Lebanese Arabic)
    are you missing me? (Lebanese Arabic)
    arm (Egyptian Arabic)
    as (that's like "like") (Standard Arabic)

    back (human back) (Egyptian Arabic)
    be (Standard/Egyptian Arabic)
    be broken (Egyptian Arabic)
    be greedy
    be played (Egyptian Arabic)
    be upset/sad (Egyptian Arabic)
    be washed (Egyptian Arabic)
    because (Egyptian Arabic)
    become annoyed (Egyptian Arabic)
    bed mattress (Egyptian Arabic)
    bedroom (Egyptian Arabic)
    before (when followed by a sentence) (Egyptian Arabic)
    behave yourself (Egyptian Arabic)
    benefit (verb) (Standard/Egyptian Arabic)
    bicycle (1) (Egyptian Arabic)
    bicycle (2) (Egyptian Arabic)
    big (Egyptian Arabic)
    bigger (All Arabic Dialects And Standard Arabic)
    black (Egyptian Arabic)
    blue (Egyptian Arabic)
    bold (describes a person)
    bread (Egyptian Arabic)
    break (verb) (Egyptian Arabic)
    breakfast (Egyptian Arabic)
    bring (Egyptian Arabic)
    building (Egyptian Arabic)
    bus (Egyptian Arabic)
    busy (Egyptian Arabic)
    but (Standard Arabic) (Egyptian Arabic 1 2)
    button (in a machine) (Egyptian Arabic)
    buy (Standard Arabic/Egyptian Arabic)

    camera (Egyptian Arabic)
    candle (Egyptian Arabic)
    carpet (Egyptian Arabic)
    cat (Egyptian Arabic)
    center (Standard/Egyptian Arabic)
    change (verb) (Standard Arabic/Egyptian Arabic)
    cheek (Egyptian Arabic)
    cheeks (Egyptian Arabic)
    chicken (Egyptian Arabic)
    chin (Egyptian Arabic)
    choose (Standard/Egyptian Arabic)
    cinnamon (Egyptian Arabic)
    circle (Standard Arabic) (Egyptian Arabic)
    city (Egyptian Arabic)
    close (verb) (Egyptian Arabic)
    closed (describes something) (Egyptian Arabic)
    closet (Egyptian Arabic)
    clothes (1) (Egyptian Arabic)
    clothes (2) (Egyptian Arabic)
    clothes hanger (Egyptian Arabic)
    cloud (Egyptian Arabic)
    coffee (Egyptian Arabic)
    cold (describes a drink) (Egyptian Arabic)
    color (noun) (Egyptian Arabic)
    come (Standard Arabic) (Egyptian Arabic)
    concerning (Egyptian Arabic)
    conditions (Standard/Egyptian Arabic)
    cook (noun) (Egyptian Arabic)
    corn (Egyptian Arabic)
    couch (Egyptian Arabic)
    cow (Egyptian Arabic)
    cross-eyed (Egyptian Arabic)
    cross the street (Egyptian Arabic)
    cry (verb) (Standard Arabic)
    cumin (Egyptian Arabic)

    damage (verb) (Egyptian Arabic)
    darkness (Egyptian Arabic)
    deal (noun) (Standard Arabic)
    deal with (Egyptian Arabic)
    deeper (Egyptian Arabic)
    delicious (Egyptian Arabic)
    dictionary (Egyptian Arabic)
    dinner (Egyptian Arabic)
    dip (when eating food) (Egyptian Arabic)
    dish (as in "famous dish", not "plate") (Egyptian Arabic)
    distance (Standard/Egyptian Arabic)
    do (Egyptian Arabic)
    do the ironing (Egyptian Arabic)
    dog (Standard/Egyptian Arabic)
    door (Egyptian Arabic)
    doorknob (Egyptian Arabic)
    dragon (Egyptian Arabic)
    dress (noun)
    drop by (1) (Egyptian Arabic)
    drop by (2) (Egyptian Arabic)
    dust (Egyptian Arabic)

    eggplant (Egyptian Arabic)
    elbow (Egyptian Arabic)
    elephant (Egyptian Arabic)
    elevator (Egyptian Arabic)
    empty (describes something) (Standard Arabic)
    erase (1) (Egyptian Arabic)
    erase (2) (Egyptian Arabic)
    except (Standard/Egyptian Arabic)
    excuse me (Egyptian Arabic)
    extend (Egyptian Arabic)
    eye (Egyptian Arabic)

    famous (All Arabic Dialects And Standard Arabic)
    far (Standard Arabic)
    features (of a person) (Standard/Egyptian Arabic)
    feel (Egyptian Arabic)
    fence (Egyptian Arabic)
    fetus (Egyptian Arabic)
    fight (noun) (Egyptian Arabic)
    fill (Egyptian Arabic)
    find (Egyptian Arabic)
    fingernail (Egyptian Arabic)
    fix (Egyptian Arabic)
    floor (of a building) (Standard/Egyptian Arabic)
    flower (Egyptian Arabic)
    for (Egyptian Arabic)
    for free (Egyptian Arabic)
    for somebody's sake (Egyptian Arabic)
    forest (Standard/Egyptian Arabic)
    fork (Egyptian Arabic)
    frankly (Egyptian Arabic)
    fruit (Egyptian Arabic)
    full (describes something) (Egyptian Arabic)

    galaxy (Egyptian Arabic)
    garden (Standard Arabic)
    get up (Egyptian Arabic)
    gift (Standard Arabic) (Egyptian Arabic)
    girl (Egyptian Arabic)
    give (Egyptian Arabic)
    give something as a present (Egyptian Arabic)
    glass (used to drink) (Egyptian Arabic)
    go out for something to do (Standard Arabic/Egyptian Arabic)
    gold (Egyptian Arabic)
    golden (color)
    goodbye (Egyptian Arabic)
    green (Standard/Egyptian Arabic)

    hair (Egyptian Arabic)
    hand (Egyptian Arabic)
    happen (Egyptian Arabic)
    happy (1) (Egyptian Arabic)
    happy (2) (Egyptian Arabic)
    harass (Egyptian Arabic)
    harm (noun) (Standard/Egyptian Arabic)
    hatred (Egyptian Arabic)
    have (Egyptian Arabic)
    have lunch (Egyptian Arabic)
    heap (Egyptian Arabic)
    heart (Egyptian Arabic)
    heat (noun) (Standard/Egyptian Arabic)
    her (possessive adjective) (Egyptian Arabic)
    here (Standard Arabic)
    hide (Egyptian Arabic)
    hole (in the ground) (Standard/Egyptian Arabic)
    honey (Standard/Egyptian Arabic)
    hope (noun) (Standard/Egyptian Arabic)
    horn (in a car) (Egyptian Arabic)
    hot (describes a drink) (Egyptian Arabic)
    hot (describes the weather) (Egyptian Arabic)
    house (Standard Arabic)
    how (Egyptian Arabic)
    how about you? (Lebanese Arabic)
    how are you (Egyptian Arabic)
    how old are you?
    how silly

    I (All Arabic Dialects And Standard Arabic)
    i had
    i have (1) (Egyptian Arabic)
    i have (2) (Egyptian Arabic)
    i send
    i sleep (Standard/Egyptian Arabic)
    i told you
    i want (Egyptian Arabic)
    I want to know it please (Lebanese Arabic)
    i'm fine
    i'm walking (Egyptian Arabic)
    i'm waiting (Egyptian Arabic)
    ice (Egyptian Arabic)
    ice cream (1) (Syrian Arabic)
    ice cream (2) (Syrian Arabic)
    if (Standard Arabic) (Egyptian Arabic 1 2)
    impudence (Egyptian Arabic)
    in (Standard Arabic 1 2) (Egyptian Arabic)
    insect (Standard/Egyptian Arabic)
    iron (used in steel) (Egyptian Arabic)
    it's not an important problem

    jump (Egyptian Arabic)

    know (Egyptian Arabic)
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    PART 2

    ladder (Egyptian Arabic)
    lake (Egyptian Arabic)
    lamp (Egyptian Arabic)
    laugh (Egyptian Arabic)
    leave (that's like "go") (Standard Arabic)
    lemon (Egyptian Arabic)
    lens (Egyptian Arabic)
    lentil (Egyptian Arabic)
    letter (which people send) (Egyptian Arabic)
    life (All Arabic Dialects And Standard Arabic)
    light (describes a color) (Egyptian Arabic)
    light (describe a weight) (Standard/Egyptian Arabic)
    light bulb (Egyptian Arabic)
    like that (Egyptian Arabic)
    listen to me (Standard/Egyptian Arabic)
    livingroom (Egyptian Arabic)
    longer (Standard/Egyptian Arabic)
    lose (Standard Arabic/Egyptian Arabic)
    love (noun) (Standard/Egyptian Arabic)
    love (verb) (Standard/Egyptian Arabic)
    lunch (Egyptian Arabic)

    make (Egyptian Arabic)
    make upset/sad (Egyptian Arabic)
    making fun of (Egyptian Arabic)
    milk (Standard Arabic) (Egyptian Arabic)
    mine (pronoun) (Egyptian Arabic)
    mobile phone (Egyptian Arabic)
    monkey (Egyptian Arabic)
    motorcycle (Egyptian Arabic)
    mouth (Egyptian Arabic)
    movie theater (Standard Arabic)
    my dear

    name (noun) (Egyptian Arabic)
    new (Egyptian Arabic)
    nightmare (Egyptian Arabic)
    no (Egyptian Arabic)
    no matter what
    no one (Egyptian Arabic)
    no please don“t do it (Egyptian Arabic)
    nursing home (Standard/Egyptian Arabic)

    of (Egyptian Arabic)
    okra (Standard/Egyptian Arabic)
    old (Egyptian Arabic)
    on (All Arabic Dialects And Standard Arabic)
    once more
    only (Egyptian Arabic)
    open (verb) (Standard/Egyptian Arabic)
    opinions (Standard/Egyptian Arabic)
    orange (color) (Standard Arabic) (Egyptian Arabic)
    orange (fruit) (Egyptian Arabic)
    ours (Egyptian Arabic)

    pamper (Egyptian Arabic)
    park (Egyptian Arabic)
    parsley (Egyptian Arabic)
    party (noun) (Standard/Egyptian Arabic)
    pear (Egyptian Arabic)
    perfume (Standard Arabic)
    pet (verb) (Egyptian Arabic)
    phone number (Egyptian Arabic)
    pig (Standard/Egyptian Arabic)
    pillow (Egyptian Arabic)
    pineapple (Standard/Egyptian Arabic)
    plane (Egyptian Arabic)
    planet (Egyptian Arabic)
    plants (Egyptian Arabic)
    play (verb) (Egyptian Arabic)
    please (Standard Arabic With Egyptian Arabic Pronunciation)
    plum (Egyptian Arabic)
    pray for me
    protect (Egyptian Arabic)
    provoke (Standard/Egyptian Arabic)
    put (Egyptian Arabic)
    put on (Egyptian Arabic)

    quiet (Standard Arabic) (Egyptian Arabic)

    radio (Egyptian Arabic)
    rain (Egyptian Arabic)
    read (Egyptian Arabic)
    red (Standard/Egyptian Arabic)
    regarding (Egyptian Arabic)
    remain (verb) (Egyptian Arabic)
    remember (Egyptian Arabic)
    remote control (Egyptian Arabic)
    rest (verb) (1) (Egyptian Arabic)
    rest (verb) (2) (Egyptian Arabic)
    rice (Standard Arabic) (Egyptian Arabic)
    ring (noun)
    river (Egyptian Arabic)
    road (Egyptian Arabic)
    rock (Egyptian Arabic)
    role (Standard/Egyptian Arabic)
    rooster (Standard/Egyptian Arabic)
    rope (Egyptian Arabic)
    ruined (describes something)

    salt (Standard/Egyptian Arabic)
    say (Egyptian/Lebanese Arabic)
    ship (Egyptian Arabic)
    shoe (Egyptian Arabic)
    shopping mall (Egyptian Arabic)
    short (Egyptian Arabic)
    shorter (Egyptian Arabic)
    shoulder (Egyptian Arabic)
    sidewalk (Egyptian Arabic)
    silver (Standard/Egyptian Arabic)
    sing (Standard/Egyptian Arabic)
    sit (Egyptian Arabic)
    sky (Egyptian Arabic)
    slowly (All Arabic Dialects And Standard Arabic)
    smaller (Standard/Egyptian Arabic)
    snow (Egyptian Arabic)
    socks (1)
    socks (2)
    some (Standard Arabic)
    sorry (to apologize) (Egyptian Arabic)
    soup (Egyptian Arabic)
    space (what's outside the Earth) (Egyptian Arabic)
    stairs (Egyptian Arabic)
    stay (verb) (Egyptian Arabic)
    storm (Egyptian Arabic)
    story (Egyptian Arabic)
    straight way (1) (Egyptian Arabic)
    straight way (2) (Egyptian Arabic)
    street (Egyptian Arabic)
    sugar (Egyptian Arabic)
    sun rays (Standard/Egyptian Arabic)
    supervision (Standard/Egyptian Arabic)

    table (Egyptian Arabic)
    tailor (Egyptian Arabic)
    take (Egyptian Arabic)
    take apart (Standard Arabic)
    take it easy
    talk (verb) (Egyptian Arabic)
    taller (Standard/Egyptian Arabic)
    tap (Egyptian Arabic)
    taxi (Egyptian Arabic)
    tea (Egyptian Arabic)
    thank God (All Arabic Dialects And Standard Arabic)
    that (demonstrative) (Egyptian Arabic)
    the (Standard Arabic) (All Arabic Dialects)
    the world
    the world (Egyptian Arabic)
    they came
    thing (Egyptian Arabic)
    think (Egyptian Arabic)
    this (Egyptian Arabic)
    to (a place) (Standard Arabic)
    tomorrow (Egyptian Arabic)
    train (Standard Arabic) (Egyptian Arabic)
    tree (Egyptian Arabic)
    turtle (Egyptian Arabic)
    TV (Egyptian Arabic)
    TV channel (Egyptian Arabic)
    TV series (Egyptian Arabic)
    TV show (Egyptian Arabic)

    understand (Egyptian Arabic)

    vegetable (Egyptian Arabic)

    wait (Egyptian Arabic)
    waiter (Egyptian Arabic)
    warn (Egyptian Arabic)
    wash (Standard/Egyptian Arabic)
    washing machine (Egyptian Arabic)
    watch (verb) (Egyptian Arabic)
    we (Egyptian Arabic)
    we started
    we wanna go (Egyptian Arabic)
    wet (Egyptian Arabic)
    what (relative pronoun) (Egyptian Arabic)
    what's your name? (Egyptian Arabic)
    wheel (Egyptian Arabic)
    which (question) (Standard Arabic) (Egyptian Arabic)
    which (relative pronoun) (Egyptian Arabic)
    white (Standard/Egyptian Arabic)
    who (relative pronoun) (Egyptian Arabic)
    width (Egyptian Arabic)
    winds (Egyptian Arabic)
    wing (Egyptian Arabic)
    wood (Egyptian Arabic)
    work (noun) (Egyptian Arabic)
    work (verb) (Egyptian Arabic)
    worried (Egyptian Arabic)

    yellow (Standard/Egyptian Arabic)
    yes, i know (Lebanese Arabic)
    yesterday (Egyptian Arabic)
    you (object pronoun) (Egyptian Arabic)
    you (subject pronoun) (Egyptian Arabic)
    you are crying (Egyptian Arabic)
    you are welcome (reply to "thank u") (Standard/Egyptian Arabic)
    yours (Egyptian Arabic)
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