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    Default Need to know the name and artist of this song for my wedding PLEASE HELP!!!

    I work at Safeway and have been hearing this song on their radio network but haven't heard it on the radio and have NO idea who sings it or what it's called. The lyrics that I know go something like this:

    "Lately I've been thinking that it makes more sense/ To build a house with a picket fence/ Than drive a Mercedes."

    The chorus ends up with "I've been thinkin' 'bout babies." (I think the last word is babies not 100% positive)

    It's a slower song with a lot of emotion about someone deciding to start a family rather than pursue money and riches and all that. It would be wonderful to have this play at my wedding. All help is appreciated!!!

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    Truckman !

    this is it:

    Lately (Been Dreamin' 'Bout Babies):

    Tracy Byrd

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    Turns out Tracy Byrd did the remake, the original that I heard was by Regie Hamm. But I wouldn't have been able to find this out without your help thank you SOOOO much!!!

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