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    Cool Hello I'm Chris

    Hello everyone I'm Chris. I'm a singer-songwriter, poet, writer, missionary, and a spiritual leader. Growing up during my childhood I was always influenced by Michael Jackson. I used to always sing and dance to his music all around the house. I still do today. I began singing and writing songs and poetry at a young age. I also performed in a talent show and won 1st place for singing Michael Jackson's You Are Not Alone. I was very thankful for getting a chance to perform my debut I saw tears and smiles upon people's faces in the audience and I felt good inside. I never performed on stage before and that was my first time and it felt great.

    I also had recorded two demos a few years ago, but it wasn't a success and I had formed a music group, but we broke up due to issues and one member moved away. I felt sad because I thought we were going to succeed. Today my dream is to become a famous singer-songwriter and a poet. I hope this is a good start here, right on because I'm looking forward in sharing my poems and songs with you and I promise that it would inspire you all. When I write I inspire and bring hope to people and children. Every song that I write and every poem that I write is what I really feel inside. I hope that you'll be inspired. May God bless you all and I love you all.

    PS: I had recently lost my job at Lowe's and am struggling to find work, but my dream goal is music so that's what I do everyday at home is write. I hope that I can achieve my dreams soon or if someone call me and say hey Chris we love your writing and we love to sign you, it would make my tears go away. Please keep me in your prayers. Today I'm looking for a normal job, but my dream is music.

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    Welcome Chris.
    Good luck with your dreams to be real.

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