Well here we are
After Dark
Moonlight shining in
And as we lay
It's hard to say
Where my mind has been

I wish that I could be
The one to make you see
Just what you have to give
But here I lay tonight
Begin losing sight
Look at how I live

My mind drips down my face
It's hard to just erase
The visions of my past
But then you wipe the tear
Tell me not to fear
You say your love will last

Those words help me heal
They finally make me feel
Like I belong to something
I wish that I could show
But I need for you to know
That this is not fling

I fall asleep holding on
Hoping you won't be gone
When I open up my eye
I need you close to me
I need to make you see
This life is not a lie

If you honestly believe
That we someday will achieve
That dream we share inside
I will try to prove
That I will never move
And I'll stand by your side

Just know that I don't mean
To make this a sad scene
I just need to be told
And when I'm falling down
And can't help but to frown
You turn it into gold

You take the light and shine it
And never seem to mind it
When I cannot stand
So promise me you'll stay
And never walk away
Don't let go of my hand

So here is where I tell
The reason why I fell
When push came to shove
Until three months ago
I had nothing to show
But now I have your love

There are some worth my effort
Ones I know won't hurt
But there are very few
I just want you to know
Even when I don't show
I will always love you