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    Default The Mystery of the Bulgarian Voices Lyrics

    We are in a World Music class and need to perform a Bulgarian folk song as a project. We would really like to perform Kalimankou Denkou (The Evening Gathering) by the Mystery of the Bulgarian Voices. However, we can't seem to find any lyrics online. We don't need translations, but they would be helpful. We also need the different parts such as lead and backup vocals. Here is a youtube link of the song:

    Any help would be appreciated!

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    Калиманко, Денко мари, хубава,
    Kalimanko, Denko mari, hubava,
    до сега си ми била, Денко мари, калимана,
    do sega si mi bila, Denko mari, kalimana,
    от сегана насетне, Денко мари, първо либе.
    ot segana nasetne, Denko mari, parvo libe.

    Изгори ме, Денко мари, попари ме,
    Izgori me, Denko mari, popari me,
    та ме стори, Денко мари, сухо дърво,
    ta me stori, Denko mari, suho darvo,
    сухо дърво, Денко мари, орехово.
    suho darvo, Denko mari, orehovo

    Well that's it дърво I wrote in latin darvo , this "a" (ъ - bulgarian letter "er goliam") is pronounced like "a" but with with more close mouth, like "turn" for example, it's pronounced the same way.

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    Marius, you are ready for a beautiful bulgarian girl-friend already

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    Haha Who knows, maybe someday...

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    Мисля, че имате нужда от един, Αθανατος

    (Добрата музика на ФБ)
    Gott zur Ehr, dem nächsten zur Wehr

    What if they gave a fire and nobody came.

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