I wanted to write some lyrics about the music industry of today, and now I'm sharing it with you :

1. I think that we currently forgot the little things,
2. Thinking of the currency more than our wings,
3. Waiting for that day, when everything swing,
4. But realize that our lives only stand on a string,
5. You're hidden in the steam, forgetting your origins,
6. Like if the jeans you wear can build your self-esteem,
7. You're bling bling, Reproducing every move that you've seen,
8. Drowning in the Spleen, you're life become a sin,
9. I don't think you're Amazing, you sound like routine,
10. I don't care about you're way of living, or what you've been,
11. You're Mister Bean in a game you don't have to be in,
12. Maybe you won for this time, but i'm getting in,
13. Cause when comes up the spring, birds start to sing,
14. Life restart, after the snow here comes the green,
15. I'm a Lark and the Game is my Queen,
16. They all sharks, But i am their Dean,
17. You know i was wondering,
18. Why are they all trynna sound like Billy Jeans,
19. Trynna find the key of this engine,
20. Do you know what i mean ?
21. So I just seat, watch and see,
22. And understand, that this ****ing game is ill.
24. If you wanna know what is truth
25. Then ask them, To all those fake guys Out there,
26. The truth is that they don't care,
27. They make you pay for glares,
28. And it's a thing that i can't bare,
29. They are polluting my air.

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