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    Sometimes I deny what should be right
    like ripples on a pond
    my mind's so gone
    it's lost
    like the sun after dusk
    and it's never dawn
    I always feel like a pawn
    never get ahead
    rack the stress
    don't give a damn
    if someone says I'm blessed
    I'm not divine
    until I get what I need
    even if I need some blood to shed
    because I'm bred
    to fight
    I'm bred to survive.
    denying myself life
    is the loneliest lie
    it becomes clear
    that maybe it's time
    to stop being blind
    tunnel vision
    turns into the bigger picture
    work not only for today
    but plan for tomorrow
    no sorrow
    it's a far road
    to walk alone
    but if I get lucky
    maybe I got
    some place to go
    cause it's dough
    that makes you mold
    who you set
    out to be
    I'm not
    packing a dimes tight
    like a penny-pinching peddler
    trying to remain out of sight
    I need fame
    I need to be bathed in that one-star shinin' light

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    break down the sticky and cant move my my town rollin up the size of thumb are head ringers
    dont matter if you pack a bowl or rip the bong...when the THC fill up the lungs there cant be any wrong
    seems like the miracle plant that can take away stress..let a cop hit the purp and he will even confess
    if I had a nickname they would just call me the quarter pound...synthetics dont cut it I want the dro in my town
    reach into my candy bag and pinch off my good n plenty...waiting just a few minutes so I can spark it at 420
    so sad that the government wants ganja to go to hell...they dont understand burnin and waitin in line at taco bell
    munchies got me eatin all that is in sight and it all taste good...hell if my furniture hit me like that id be smokin wood
    how many know what I mean when you got the bag of funk...had some **** one time that had pcp and I hid in my trunk
    that red hair and blue haired hydro looks like a gothic punk....but god damn it aint no good u never had any that has stunk
    the super kind with all the crystals is the kind we hunt...mary jane is the only girl i can be around that stays a ****
    go run to the corner store and come back to break my the boys over to kick it like we was ready to punt
    but its hard to come to terms that i no longer blaze the hay...I just got to find another stress reliever after my day
    please keep burnin the good for me and leaves u movin like snails....I need a daily manicure to fix those burnt nails
    weed is an all around healer for whatever ails...too bad prohibition is holding back its sales
    got so high was tryin to quit life like ctrl delete and alt...if I had all the money back from my green,benjamins would be bustin out the vault

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    By the way, some very nice lyrics on here

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    this topic may just be a lil off topic ive been walking around this
    total darkness treated a lot so bad sometimes I wonder if im heartless
    broke n torn my scars remain to remind ive made it thru another day
    most of which are trapped in haze covered disarray walk around like
    brainwashed slaves inslaved in chains forced to popularize the mainstream
    ripped out my radio would that become considered a strange thing almost
    feels like the same recurring dream the one were im watching static on my
    TV screen wondering if anyone else hears the screams subliminal undertone
    it seems mircoscopic the media doesn't care about the now its always on to
    the next topic always about whos died or lied always with the question why
    do we do the things we do but never with the honest truth no one will really
    know the truth cuz the answer lies in every human being alive the only answer
    lies deep inside n you decide whats wrong or right stay strong as we are the people
    and will spill free thoughts from our mind an everyones just as equal as the next person
    in line now would like to know what yall are thinkin and which of our thoughts n ideas
    will intertwined?

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    Default clarity

    how i wish it were clearer...
    fightin through these patterns to paint a picture thats similler
    step into the painful course like a snap in the jagular
    hurt through the heart scaled n measured on a math ruler
    wish i'd come sooner..but the steps still tripping
    slipping..fall into oblivion but still willing
    to try again..raise the hand and reaching
    for the sky..its the limit though the strife's cripling vision's getting blurred again
    thought i had it mapped out but the path's getting mud again
    brush away the pain but clouds still let it rain
    torn umbrella but the rain coat's soaked again
    fate..wishing you'd be clearer..fill the cavity
    of darkness we face in this life's severity
    so we'd keep the faith in the future's clarity
    the tomorrow when today is still murred in desparity.

    *next topic...wishes.

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    dropping bars and staying with it
    on the stars they making wishes
    balling hard and chasing woman
    popping bars and blazing swishers
    ok im trippin, im still broke as ****
    so today im making wishes.................

    people everyday get made statistics
    rock and roll the machine and rage against it
    it seems to fade with they commitment
    dreams you chase to make the image
    saving face to make a difference
    day to day thats how we living
    haters hate ill drown in envy
    play the game and now hes injured
    stayed his lane got the city
    staying vein and out the system
    breakaway just making wishes....
    .......i tried

    +next topicictures.....

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    pictures...en-grained in the brain
    of stray memories that stay just to stain
    every step of the way..every stand of this strain-
    ous journey we in...this sickening space of pain..
    but who said the new won't begin with a string
    of steps that will reign in the victories of the...
    success in these songs we sing
    of the hopes they the folks they sting
    of the strength and courage in the sounds they ring..
    to the ears...drowning all the fears..stalling the change
    inevitably needed to turn onto the new page..
    of new memories and pictures..scoping the new age..
    of all's well that ends goes the adage..

    next topic- numbers

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    Number in case we are talking statistics then
    Thunder then it rains upon all of the citizens
    Fall into indogence insolant stalking there innocence
    Call me ridiculous thoughts heaved to cripple them
    They are all weak to witness this
    So what are we percentages
    No lets add to masses
    Subtract all you had in the past tense
    We are all numbers with a voice mutiplied in the masses were all numbers just numbers for the government to tax us .. Were number numbers
    .im sorry but you have to listen
    Were all numbers ill be the mathematician
    So many people unaccounted for they pass the census
    Label our communties by there tax percentage
    Death tolls and babies being born so they graph statistics
    You cant get nothing pass the system
    We living in
    What does it mean to be civilian
    They masking religion
    World wide hysteria its marshall law marshall law
    ..we ready lets start a war
    Arms and all
    This is my alarm and call
    Take charge closed palmed to brawl
    I lost it lol
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