Dope lines are preserved up in my dome
Either go hard or go home, its on your decision alone
No need for opinions whether if your soft or as hard as a stone
Just watch your tone only when you approach me when Im at the lone .
Dismiss any missconcerns to a misstrust of top discounted pours
This ain't any business of yours, there ain't any miscontours
Counters, misincounter an odd shaped image of your future
Are you willing to take risks ? Its something you have nurture
Im always known for putting on for my side, and my city
That ain't no doubt at all, see my background ain't nothing pity
Believe that, words of the wise came from some awkwardly wise guys
FYI, you totally lied about your fine life and high fly
Deprive you from your habits, such as one being a biter
Hating ain't gonna help at all, might as well work for hire
'Cause money and success ain't gonna be growin' on trees
So please don't be an annoyance and put work for your needs .