First thing i have ever wrote, about a year ago now. Inspired by an old man i talked to while on the bus. Very touching conversation. Thats when writing opened the doors to my mind.

"Been raised, taught stuff, told crap
Been made, formed out, made up
The anger formed a nest in my brain
Aint the time for me to speak yet

Read(past) books, did sports, learnt how do add
been told to not disturb,
been made not to ****in interupt
Anger grew its own legs
Aint the time for me to speak yet

Woke up half six, smoked couple of cigs
been made to fax ****, make coffee, talk crap
been told to hurry up, I'm not ****ing daft
Aint the time for me to speak just yet

Sit there all day, watch the world go by,
been made to suffer, been made to suffer
Just when i thought it was the time to speak,
Opened my mouth, but noone would listen
noone gives a damn about my words now."