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    Default Please, help me identify this old electro track.

    You can hear the fragment here:

    Thank you

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    I'm sorry I don't recognise it. It sounds like from the distortion, it was recorded in a large room with hard walls. In sections I believe I hear either echoes or some other song. There's some slight noise in the background (yes there's obviously cheering at the end of the sample even though the tune or song has not completed. )

    It reminds me of incidental music suitable for a action sequence in a movie

    As 256 kbps was a bit of over kill considering the quality, I've uploaded a smaller 743 KB file which is sounds about the same.

    Kalmar Kalmarovich_Unknown – Some cool old robot-track.mp3

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    As far as I know this record was made on the break-dance competition in 2003. This explains the background noise, such as clapping and cheering. Unfortunately there is no more information Shazam and SoundHound fails to recognize.

    Thank you for lite version.

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