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    اگه از من تو بپرسی رنگ عاشقی چه رنگه
    If you ask me what the color of love is
    من میگم رنگش سیاهه اما باز واسم قشنگه
    I would say it's black, but it's still beautiful
    تو همونی که میگفتی همیشه پیشم میمونی
    You are the one who told me you would be with me forever
    چرا قلبمو شکستی چرا از من گریزونی
    Why did you break my heart? Why are you running away from me?

    باور نداره قلبم وقت وداع رسیده
    My heart can't believe it's time for goodbye
    انگار که غم آتشی بر پیکرم کشیده
    It seems that the sorrow has burnt my whole body and soul
    دونه دونه روی ناودون
    Drop by drop on the spout
    قطره های سرد بارون
    The cold raindrops
    بی تو اما یه کویرم
    Without you, I'm just a desert
    تو نباشی من میمیرم
    Without you, I'd die
    قطره قطره چکه چکه
    Drop by drop, Drip drop
    اشک آسمون میباره
    The sky is crying*
    گله دارم از خداوند
    I have a complaint to God
    اگه باز تو را نیاره
    He should make you come back to me
    دونه دونه قطره قطره
    Drop by drop, Drip drop
    چکه چکه ذره ذره
    Drip drop, little by little

    توی خوابم نمیدیدم که یه روز از تو جدا شم
    I've never ever dreamed of losing you
    چرا قسمت من این بود که گرفتار تو باشم
    I ask why my destiny was to fall in love with you
    نمیدونی که جدائیت واسه من معنی درده
    You don't have any idea what the separation means to me
    خونه بی تو مثل زندون خونه بی تو سرد سرده
    Without you, this home is like a cage for me, it's so cold
    * In this song, the raining is a metaphor for crying and raindrops simile tears
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    ***The translations have been done by Bijan Kardouni AKA veryclever1980***

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    thank you!!
    more songs? ):

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