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Thread: song from the 80s-UK band

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    Default song from the 80s-UK band

    This is making me mental...there was a song from the 80's--the chorus was 'run away run away run away' repeated over and over...the singer was male, but had a very high pitched voice. I seem to think "Tell Me Why" is in the song as well, but it might be another song by the same band. Someone told me they recently heard it remade into a dance version. Any ideas?

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    The song you'r elooking for is "Smalltown Boy" by Bronski Beat

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    Default Thank you!!

    Thank you...I was soooo close to getting it. I knew it was "Beat" something.
    Thanks again

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    Smalltown Boy is a fabulous song! It has a very sad video, which I recommend seeing.

    The dance version is called 'Tell Me Why' and its by 'Supermode'

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