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    Excuse U..Sammyboo or we can boo Sammy too
    Truth is if u a bytch u can get knock up too
    If u craving food u can eat for two
    I can tell u don't fucc around..
    But like getting screw!
    Beauty n the Beast u neither the two
    Ur a steer n queeer that's ur queue
    Cry me a river Sammyboo!
    My style will alway flood above u!
    Excuse my boastful way
    I go 0 to 100..boost in a Mario cart race
    Face the fact or can't face the fact ya facing..
    U can't hide under those layers of make-up
    When ur upset u just break up to make up
    Sadly tho ur flavor is far from average
    Earn ur stripe before u pick a fight
    I don't need much to beat this dike
    I throw hands up like ur seeing Ike
    Ur eatting dlcks or just laying the pipe?
    I would put one in ur mouth..
    But I can tell u like to bite!
    Feisty like a kunt who's been bleeding for months
    Ya dropping heavy D's but soft like Betty-boob
    Fucc up tho if ur a dude!!
    Matta fact u can be a tranny too
    with a name like Sammyboo
    Who the fuxx is U?
    A Sammy who?
    Boo-whoo it must be a Sammyboo!!
    My flow razor sharp that can cut thru skin
    U get fuxx over double like a siamese twin
    U try'a play a grown man game?
    U ain't gonna win!
    U better off playing with urself n cum again!
    Excuse me miss!! What's ya name again?
    Oh that's right a Sammyboo!
    A type of bytch who would screw her friends!!!(ha!)

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    Wanna say I sleep around, but you don't know $hit.
    You act so big and bad but you can't even spit.
    Why don't you go run to your mom and throw a fit,
    Cause no one here cares about it.
    You act like you're so original but I've heard it all before.
    B*tch, $lut, Wh0re.
    Fatso, ugly, there's really nothing more,
    That you can say cause you can't bring me down.
    Just ask that guy who skipped town.
    I don't let $hit phase me that's the honest truth,
    Because as long as I am be I don't got $hit to lose.
    But look at you, look at what you do.
    Can you honestly say that you are proud and that you're never blue?
    How can you live with yourself it's leaving me confused,
    Apparently I can't get my point through.
    Oh and just because you say "sammyboo"
    Doesn't make you clever,
    Anyone can say my name it just means I'm better,
    They take the time out of their lives to think about me,
    I don't give a second thought cause that's how I was taught,
    They don't mean anything.
    You aren't even worth my time,
    Look at you with your lame ***** rhymes.
    Thinking that you rap just fine,
    But really you're falling behind.

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    I'm like the Notorious B.I.G.
    But you, you're a notorious P.I.G.
    You're sloppy, brain level's dropping
    All cars stopping, .45 popping
    I shot and missed
    All the bullets they hiss
    I don't need a gun to kill you
    I listen to the verses I killed your career to
    Like in a game, my lines are shotgun shells
    Bang bang, I'm putting you in bullet hell
    You're inconsistent, I'm resistant
    But you're garbage and that's consistent
    Your lines are hollow-points cause they got no substance
    Maybe I can give you some assistance
    Just stop, stop trying so hard
    You gotta fold, stop playing your cards
    You got no place here in the scene
    With that face and lyrics, you're the definition of obscene
    People give me criticism, but I give witticism
    I gave your girl an orga$m, you only do $hitticism
    Lyricism, Eminem taught me all
    Hinduism, I'm Shiva and I'm your downfall
    I'm no peacemaker, I'm a destroyer
    But with this Peacemaker, I'mma destroy ya
    So don't try to get up on my level
    You may be the Rap God, but I'm the Rap Devil

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alliance View Post
    Hot tea to tickle the nasal like chicken noodle soup..
    It's remedy for the cold..
    It must be ill will how I got remedy for the flows
    I sneeze out ill will like a bag of blows
    They know u musta' copy and paste..huh?
    how u exaggerate the flow!!
    Ur gun talk are lames..
    When it's about that money..power..n hoes!
    I got more bread in this flows that ya never hold
    I got snow white in this bag of doe
    More whitez in this than the Ks in cones (owww)
    My style crack in the street..werd is born!
    Ya style is short of illmatic..automatic withdrawn..(ha!)
    Talk of popin' one..really tho u ain't pop'n none..
    ya just pop'n ya song!
    Clap along pretending like u clapp'n one
    U da one who is gettin' the clapp'n son!
    When I start to clap imma flip u one!
    When the gat get pack imma unload the cap on ya cap son..
    it'll be ya last caption!!
    Abstract art how I leave u street chalk..
    Ya street smart?
    Get wise up or get street marked..easy target..
    I don't just shoot..I empty out my balls!!
    One for ur bytch when she say "aww"
    One for ya face cuz ya gettin fucc face hard!
    This bars dirty like ya bytch draws
    N u a dirty dawg for try'a go raw
    Ya can't go far..ur ego too small..
    Only time u think u going hard..
    Is when u wishing ur Biggie Small..
    Ur nothing compare to a biggie fart..
    Star dust when I dust off my bars..
    This simple enough the puff is on strong..
    Been here long enough to call ya bluff son!!
    U aint want it with Alliance..naw!!!
    U wanna diss the whole forum..
    Imma problem I leave ya body lyin' on the floor..son!
    Ya hobby is dying in the lobby..
    Like a lobbyist with missing body parts..
    It's obvious most of this kats ain't got the balls or the bars..
    I just walk that str8 lines..N take it up a notch..
    Ya gangster talk get out played like ya dreadlocks..
    How many more lines u bite off that's not urz??
    Try'a personify someone who's ur not!
    Stop lying to urself Ill ur drop was never hot!
    U fronting how u gettin' paid for ur flow??
    Who's stupid enough to pay u??
    For the shiet that u stole??
    Man ya lines are mediocre..ok at best..
    Ya fillers bars was out to mars for the stretch!!
    Don't claim what u aint..ur not even on top of ya bags..
    While I can reach deep n bring the forum back from the dead!!
    This a walking dead esp? Im Chapel with the bat!!
    U get whacked..get stabbed..get wrap up in a body bag!!
    When ya body's game over..left for dead!!(huh sucker!!)

    "Diss the whole forum"? consider this as overkill.
    You bored a whole forum, yeah, you know the drill.
    Quarantined the colony: you're nowhere close to Ill.
    Stab him in the heart to show he lets emotions spill.
    Chop him into "noodle soup" if he ain't soba still.
    Overkill.. however an opponent's built..
    More brawn than George Foreman? leave him with a broken grill.
    Overkill.. I've got poise an' strike like a cobra kills.
    I hope your battle bars aren't representative of your social skills.
    Think they'll see us battling and say we're both as skilled?
    Hey I ain't gonna show you up, your own persona will.
    So hope exposure's nil.
    He anti-Cervantes.. what's that s'posed to fill..?
    I mean he's fighting giants and he won't approach a mill'.
    You don't even battlerap, you speak in code for thrills.
    Keep the doja trill. you smokescreen deep as stoner films.
    Things ain't always the way they appear brother.
    Dragging a massive "bag of doe" like a deer hunter.

    Forget superstition yeah I'm repping logic, and your text is honest..
    Coz your "style's that crack in the street" and I'm stepping on it.
    You couldn't step to Shaymex at your mental apex.
    I'll lay it all on the table like I'm Mendeleev.
    Alliance, please bro.. you'd lose to D Low..
    I'd mess up D n' A like I rewrote the genome.
    I'll show what I'm made of like Watson and Crick.
    Thought I taught you not to resist..
    We'll never see these commoners win..
    Peasants' revolt: Alliance lost to Da Kinng.

    You got killed by a guy I killed already: "this is Walking Dead".
    Except I beat him so damn bad he had to crawl instead. "owww".

    When you tried to fight the dude..
    Just gave the guy a nice review.
    Kid, you think my league of legends bites ya crew.?
    Yes? then I guess this is the Death Of The Alliance too.

    Yo, you said he'd "get whacked and get stabbed" too.. is that true?
    You'll just get trashed and get lampooned.
    I ain't have to bring an axe through to hack you like Sabu.
    And if they catch you you'd rat too, sell out your damn crew.

    Stab Ill Will? You couldn't slice a salad straight.
    You couldn't ice a carrot cake.
    I ain't write lines, mine are cavalcades.
    Yall fallin' off. set your saddles straight.
    Calibrate the rap displays.
    And I ain't one to "exaggerate"..
    Got a gun so big that my back'll break.
    Bet he's been in a sequence of cells like an anime.
    Best check who you advocate.
    You never had the facts explained.
    Catch a case like Kafka's K.
    Match the name to Klamm's acclaim.
    I met more foes; fly like Samsa's state.

    Alliance: why you shoulda saved the crap and made a pact.
    Lines I made are packed like I'm making up for the content your statements lacked.
    Make the raps convey the facts and trade the rage for major tact.
    Kinda like a mage attacked how bad Majicman coulda flamed your act.

    You dropped a lot of lines on Realone..
    Not a single real one.
    Real won.

    You even got a bad review from Sammyboo.
    Sammy who? she's crappy too.
    I'm too advanced; Kublai Khan, soon to march from Xanadu,
    Brought cannons through.. dragons too.. and now I get to battle you?

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    Cool Desimation of Your Love and Dreams

    Here are two that I have, I know they may not rhyme but they come from the heart:

    Love is a savage beast that breaks you heart
    So why do we fight so hard and hold on tight
    Some pronounce their love with hidden daggers
    But few keep truth in the word they proclaim

    It hurts when your love is unrequited
    When you give your all and get nothing in return
    When you heart is figuratively ripped out
    So I say it's time for me to walk away

    I'm saying goodbye for the very last time
    I'm locking up my heart and walking away
    Never to look back or see you again

    The walled city is where sorrow resides
    Where the people cry and dreams come to die
    People want out to try and change to world
    But there is truthfully no way out of here
    Every attempt has ended in despair
    So I tell you to give up now before we kill ourselves
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    Alliance, good luck coming back from that lol

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