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    U a goal digger? That usually reserved for chicks
    Unless you one of those meat boys and reserved for d*cks
    MC.. I doubt it like Cavs chance beating the Warriors
    Out here frauding n*ggaz you going need a lawyer

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    u gonna need a lawyer
    but this is a case
    ima throw it on your
    like a vase
    ur in the wrong place
    get out my face
    coming here was a huge mistake
    for u dude
    ima beat ur ***
    like ur two dads

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    The only thing you beating is d*ck
    No p*ssy getting azz n*gga u weak with this sh*t
    I'll snap yo neck in two
    Dump my pistol at yo crew
    Ya boo... can lick what every stuck at bottom of my shoe
    And between me and u... it doggy pooh
    I step in when I got up from yo momma cough
    D*ck in when yo father out
    Mayweather vs Mcgregor he got no f*cking chance at this bout
    But if yall put money up I'll lyricaly knock him out

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    how could I respect ya spit if ya spit is sh*t I don't like girls but I can fu*k your b*tch you're a baby in the game should be sucking a tit, I'm the rapper killer and I kill your careers queen of freestyles bow down when I appear, I only speak original sh*t you just copy and paste and all the sh*t you say just needs to be erased, ill erase you and replace , you want beef eat a steak , you stay mad you just hate, killing sh*t is a piece of cake cause I'm the best there's no debate..

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    It's not that I lack the motivation
    I've been patiently waitin'
    To rip an mc head right off
    makin' his chest cave in
    I've been busy living the life..
    Fighting the fight to redefine the light
    Igite the fiya that's been burnin' in sight
    Long grass I hop over grasshopper
    Short night deep breath I rediscover
    Heart pulse blood clot ya we talk'n jamaican
    Bytch make a sandwich I eat snakes..
    N it taste like chicken..we shake n bake..bacon
    Be it as it may..where the shine..beacon?
    Never mistake or forsake what can't break me..
    Will only makes me stronger go harder never stop to falter
    I've reach further teach my kids laughter
    Forever their Dad I didn't choice my kids..
    I went half twice so now it's a bigger picz..
    Let them mc cringe when they snap their flick..
    Be the better man like this and click..
    I've been runin' circle round my clique..
    If a bytch ask me I been workin' that clitz
    Around the clock never stop the tick
    U a jerkin' prick so don't judge me..
    Only god above me it's 1luv under heaven B..
    Check the steez I got 4-4 gatz u call that draw?
    I got the clip attach I'm fade to black n it's barber talk..
    Pimp game never a simp when im playin'
    Young dumb n dangerous n I'm feeling like an old man..
    Damn fam stand ya ground when I stomp the crowd
    They going roit out there..peace to manchester now..
    Man Sbu u should have put one for the UK..
    They say I'm diggin' u is it wordplay or foreplay..
    No homo tho..pause to bounce back..
    When I'm in the court the ball just inbounce back..
    Man stop that yap..fanny pack they ain't packin' strap..
    This a relapse when I slay my habitat..
    Back to fact happy Dad day boys..
    Don't get mad if u were a mistake..go head rejoice..
    Boy im on this one when push come to shove..
    Ur swag all raggedy it needs more than a scrub..
    Im high off life I ain't drivin' all swirl
    That Mary-Jane I just power puff girls..
    Let me in my lane..u ain't tamin' the lion den..
    I've been sleepin' with dragon..n ya strike out again..
    No pen no papers just textcee bars
    When I drop one I make sure to cut deep with scars.
    Damn this shiet ain't even harsh..
    I come off like a smooth operator..
    Just watch the rocket launcher takes off..
    One more for UK flip the CF for SBU..
    This light japs but the next one..
    U get sick with the flu..I love bangin' the blue..
    N I ain't even a crip..but cross this red dots..
    snap that hammer n call the shot
    ..fucca fraud this realest as it gets..
    U hangin' with boys n two men..
    Reason y u don't have a girlfriend yet..
    Oh u ain't gotta like girls..come again?
    Bytch be lovin' the crul toes..they cumm again!!sucker!
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    Yall know I'm the new kid on the street
    But we all know I am the one running this beat
    You are worse than the bugs bunny
    I think you need to be thrown out hunny
    You think you're all this, You think you're all that
    Well If I am a magician I will shove you back into my hat
    I'll have your heart pacin and racin
    I'm the one on the top
    Now let's go bop, bop, bop
    I get you cant take my heat
    But listen You
    Just got beat

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    Rap queen? Are we talkin' LiL Kim? U a has been..
    Get the beam to ya internal organs..half spleen..
    Cash.Rule.Everything.Around.Me..queen get the money!!
    I'm all about that WU..naw mean..
    Spitting molla the peso by the pound
    The pound by the eniro..that yen..I'm all Donnie
    Honorary flows like water..mix martial art
    break arms no Jax, U get jack up armbar Rousey..
    Round house to the's Holly molly..
    My gosh..god golly..I'm no bully..
    humming humble like a bumble bee..the fist my artistry
    I'm an expert with that hand to hand combat
    Magic hands that pull the bunny outta the hat..
    We ain't talkin' about strap u krazy it's str8 jacket
    Double beater like that mallet..
    Double Dz mellon I squeezed some..
    U get dealt with twice like seeing two black eyes..
    This a slow cook two peas in a pot no ribeye
    u get out done..this like an Ipman beat down..crush ten men at once..
    U think u got me beat? Where's the beat at queen?
    U think u bringing heat..blowing all smoke swisher sweet..
    Talk is cheap ur're all sweat n tampon
    I stomp ground like king kong..
    U get bounce like ping pong..
    Long dong..u are what u eat..
    Rap kid? U better off wrapping up ya sheet!

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    Copy and Paste?
    What we all just witnessed was a national disgrace
    Donal Trump of Rap... who let you inside this place?
    Keep posting and I'll spit that lyrical blowtorch to yo face
    Please be dumb enough climb over the fence and step into my cage
    In a candle lit room listen Opera pouring a glass wine
    Like a revengeful ex stalking n*ggaz Alliance yo azz is mine (NO HOMO)
    When u was patiently waiting, I was patiently savoring
    Got my knife and fork out, u about to get eaten
    Kinda like a fat man with bacon
    U think you got a chance against Hip Hop Satan?
    I'll release a hex
    That will redirect
    Yo mind to come up with a clever text
    I highly suggest
    U take a sec and reflect
    Then quickly hit eject
    Before u get lyrically molest, dissect by this rappin T-Rex
    What every left.. get flush down toilet just like a insect
    And hommie please believe I ain't evening breaking a sweat
    See it's n*ggaz like u I so f*cking despise
    U beat yo lil 13yr old brother in battle rap and now u think your nice?
    Hop online thinking yo bars are fly
    Until a n*gga like me on yo back that can rip out yo spine
    A rapper iller than me... RARE... like when planets align
    Speaking of planets... I withdraw solar energy from Sun
    That y I burn thru rap n*ggaz yo throat burn because u swallow some bad cum (ewwww)
    RAP QUEEN... let have some fun?
    If Alliance beat me I'll suck yo toes hun
    But when I murk him u got to give up thoes bums
    Oh and BTW my d*ck that sh*t f*cking weight it TON
    The ammunition I carry by truck load
    Bout paraell park this b*tch and unload
    On next n*gga that want with go toe to toe
    Againt this certified Nutso

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    Post My Return?

    Once again im here...
    Ready to violate another n||ga's space,
    Run up in his mother f||cking place,
    And send him to his maker's pearly gates.

    I'm a skinny guy I'll admit to that,
    But if you think you'd stand a chance going pound for pound,
    You've been sniffing crack from the.. Uncleaned crack of a dope fiend,
    You snuffed some sh|t,
    But I'm here to kill the big dogs,
    Not the porgies or the spaniel's,
    I'll work my way up the ladder if need be,
    Feel me?
    I'm not jumpy tho,
    I'll take a few "nutso's" with "clever text",
    I'm at who ever comes next,
    I'll take a fill-in like I trouble with cavity,
    Don't remind me, you're not on the same level as I be,
    Right B?
    You'll be gone by tomorrow kid, Plan B...
    Don't be mad at me... For not taking y'all serious,
    You have a "knife and a fork" to eat another guy...... You serious?
    And the other guy is squeezing "Double D's"....
    If I say "Double D's", I'm getting double the kickback from the twin Gat,
    Double D's.. Big Gat....double kickback?
    There was no punchline I lied,
    That's a norm for you guys,
    So don't get mad when I try to fit in with lies,
    Do YOU see yourself winning?
    Hey, I'm just curious...
    don't be furious,
    Just pay me no mind,
    listening is fundamental,
    that's the crazy talking,
    I have no trouble to pay for mind, its fundamental......

    That went over your head I GUARANTEE it.
    In other words I have no problem paying for head,
    I Fund-A-Mental,
    I'm one of the most underrated,
    It's both frustrating and stressful to be the underdog.
    Jump through your window like I'm the dukes of hazard,
    Felt sorry for him,
    But my homie won't leave the bastard,
    So you can get it 3 ways like a threesome,
    Left jab leave you in a neck brace,
    Right Hook drop you in coma for days,
    Or I could have you on the floor dying,
    If you not dead you better act dead,
    I call the Glock Jim Carrey,
    That sh|t funny as hell.
    Where you go only God knows,
    You should consider insurance,
    Maybe Geico,
    Won't save you 15% of your life,
    But it's worth a try tho.

    Some say I'm a rookie,
    I might be.
    Bussin' guns so big.....
    When I c()ck it they think I'm starting a lawn mower,
    Head split open your life's over,
    That's not a lie,
    Regardless I'm skinny as sh|t.

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    Like Muslim want come to the US it not safe time to Make A Return
    Wether it's corrupt politicians, Klu Klux Klan, racist cops or n*ggaz like me.. we all waiting to see u burn
    But if u are apart of the first 3 u don't have to wait yo turn
    We coming for u first with Pickfords, Axes, holding a empty Urn
    What purpose of the Urn? ... I'm glad u ask
    After we body u n*ggaz we going cremate yo azz
    Piss in yo Urn than dispose it garage bag
    And I'm be like Nelson Muntz and just point and laugh (HA-hA!)
    Like return of Yahshua yall n*ggaz won't survive my wrap
    Peep my math... y'all dudes equivalent to zero
    That mean everything u spit... it still equal zero
    Pill Cosby flow.... yes I'm a weirdo
    White gurls be like "OMG BADD YO D*CK TASTE LIKE A CHURRO"
    I ain't even Hispanic thoe.. I'm Black like the Apostles and Christ
    Before them cr*cka azz Europeans paint them White
    U don't believe me read Revelation 1:15.. go ahead I got all night
    Like bad b*itch in gram this here better get 1000 likes
    Now back to the fight... a n*gga got impeccable hands
    Impeccable plans
    Talking reckless behind the mic.. shot out to LaVar Ball and Big Baller Brand (let go Lakers)
    CrazyKydz u loving my work... deep down I can tell u a fan
    And besides the label say it bad for business if I eat u man

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