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    U think u pop 9..I flip mine!
    take ya 9 n pop ya 6 times..
    I spit rhymes that burn ya inside..
    Internal-combustion..lava lines!
    Ya Inner-cumm bust nothing!!!
    Y-ish u lying son? It's must be bad..keep tryin' son!
    Ya inner-tube flat air-out a-tire
    When I air u out..ya whole attire!!
    Ya air-dryer is u get tired to air-out ya laundry..
    So ya old dryer just hang-out...*uhh*
    Like a panhandler just hangs-out! (lol)
    Fuxx the repetitive pattern!!
    I pop a duce duce to ya abdomen..
    Im adamant..ur a whack Al-kind of man..
    Ur a lame Al-kind of guy...suit up freestyle
    N bomb ur own lines..u trash..u full of lies..
    This kat the type of bad informer
    Who can't transformer the right kind of line..
    He's the type of old type-writer that get push back in line..(lol)
    I pop 5..have u pose in a chalk-line..
    My flow flame the chain and let it inner-lock..9s
    This glock pop in the block n have ya interlock like grid lines..
    I pop ten n have the cop scare to pop in..
    U get pop ten n have ya friends lift ya coffin..
    It's often..I spark flame that engulf ya fire!
    I bet ya 5..the biscuit break-fast ya whole life!*umm*
    Let the ratchet wrench out ya old spice!
    I put double ya life..hit the dice...
    the snake eyes can pop u twice ya life..
    U can get pop..pop n pay the price..
    U been paid in full..full of lead on-site!
    I pump the shotty n have the gat clip up to ya eyes sight!
    See the fright on ya brows..ur a coward dawg..
    A fake bangster, internet wansta..
    A shame in ya game..when u claim to bust something!!
    U were the kid who miss ya bus..
    U talkin' chris cross but ya bus missin'!
    Beside ya meat ya never bust nutting..
    Enough said..u always yappin' about nothing..
    Alliance here to align the missile n end ya mission..
    Fucc ya feelin' no sentimental intermediate
    I admit to pop the clip at u midsection in ya intermediation!!
    No need to mention..X out ya question..
    No question..quench ya thirst like a bad addiction..
    There's no amount of burst u can shoot at me..
    That won't ricochet n deflect in ya direction..
    I flex the text n give ya a texts lesson..
    When it comes to the tech I disengage the Smith&Wesson..
    Eye for an eye is gonna make the whole world blind..right?
    Life is harder when ur a stupid son..
    Life for a life is gonna be a hard life lesson..
    U couldn't handle bars if I pen out ya life sentences! (Ouch!)
    So u can let ya mind sink in..n the pen ink in..
    While u playing kiddy-corners with ya checker board..
    I make moves that flame up ya torch..
    I spit n flame up like the human-torch..
    U a cheap imitation..u can't forge this..
    Too hot to handle can't scorch it..
    If we talkin' money u can't afford it..
    So what we talkin' about?
    U just plain retarded!!
    Or getting slain regarded..
    In Chess it's a bad move..for mis-takin' n get ya rook-took
    U keep more L's at night in ya notebook..
    While I spit more Pac n got ya knight-shook!
    This a light hook..u couldn't finish a fight..
    I turn off ya lights with this right hook..
    Look rookie u the chump in this box..
    Now u think ur a boxer??
    Ya square footed..flat footed box
    While I carry glock in brief or box..
    I put the chomp on ya top..ya box-in..n can't out-box..
    U sound like a square even with ur drop..
    U can tell pplz to reformat their pop..
    But ur still a dork and a doormat on top..
    U get step all over..n ya bytch knows I always cumm on top!!
    Bad guys is back? U the definition of a bad sequel that's gonna flop!!
    Do the forum a favor..n just stop!!
    N then it like Linkin..try'a redeem urself n just pop! (Rip)

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    this forum finally died

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    Default For all you fake *** rappers

    yo little ***** *** eating ***** hole
    i'll scare you man make you blind like a mole
    leave you smoking the j like cole
    you be dodging my bars with a commando roll

    you write like a spastic
    must be autistic
    you cant even spit ****
    you'd probs ride a big ****
    and when ur done you'd give it a lick

    ill block your airways leave you virgin
    you shop in aldi
    your dad drives a volkswagen up
    polly cant get it up
    bars dark like jeffrey schlupp
    scup scup
    brap brap
    your girlfriends got clap

    come at me
    glory hole
    leave the club lit
    burn a spliff
    snoop dogg and wiz
    i cant see ya

    your mums a *****
    skrt skrt your dads up into a ditch
    ur younger bro wears abercrombie n fitch
    once ive smacked you i'll leave you with lilo and a stitch

    0161 fanny on tap
    the tings go pa pa pa

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    I don't 3 mins, I need 3 skins. This a quick ill flow to smack you & ya mens.
    So sit down & take notes. You fools is Hope Floats, while I'm with ya mom in the back crackin jokes.
    I done son'd em all. Sank low & stood tall. Got 20 plus in the game of free flows, & I'm in the Hall.
    Gold jacket flows, smash ya brain thru ya nose. Have u hanging with Nate Dogg talkin bout you got hoes.
    I kicked this rhyme in my sleep, it must be a dream. A nightmare on your street & no one can hear your scream.
    Save the tears and the cries, I'm flipping lullabies. Cuz I sent fools to bed for even contemplating their tries.

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    Default Ya ***** *** ***** ***

    Listen here ya little *****
    i'll leave you with a scar on your head playing quiddich
    i'll drift your pre teen pick up machine into a dich
    you mum tastes like chocolate cake shes that rich

    lettuce begin
    ill punch you and send you to the dominican
    your mum calls me vegetable the way i turnips

    your mum got aids
    she looks like shes been hit with multiple spades
    shes got a hole like japan shes been in that many gang rapes
    i feed her chocolate and grapes
    whilst i do bare vapes

    its the vape nation clan
    ive got a big hand span
    i leave you wondering why like stan
    ill hit ur little cousin with my van
    the rest of them ran
    ur mums alone cos shes on a glory hole ban
    she blows like a fan
    fire salamander

    blankt of snow
    i see ur mum and think santa
    *** *** ***

    li speed boaty at full speed brap brap clap clap trap trap

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    Miss me' Lemmi Gut Down

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    That's wack

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    this is for lilspeedboaty........

    you just little league broskie,,,this that mlb pro steez
    representing for the home team
    I'm sorry you cant kick it if you don't smoke weed
    I'm going up I'm talking nose bleed
    standing on my own feet till i got broke knees
    so am i worried about bro please
    I'm the leader of the whole season
    my name aint derek but you can call lil bro jeter
    come out with that pole swinging
    bro hollering don't squeeze it
    its the A block reverend the zones preacher
    soul reaper, the falling angel, his own demon
    I'm so beast an ferocious I'm gone eat
    yea you lil boat but theres no speed
    this was a wrote free-style, of the top my dome with no beat
    I'm a contradiction like cold, heat or someone that buys hella shoes with no feet
    rhyme hella smooth on dope beats
    you don't know me..............................
    .................................................. .................................................. .................
    naw you don't though ,lil row boat
    i slaughter captains you aint even on the team
    this is white water rafting, you wont float
    with ya clown act you bozo
    cold flow this that Frigidaire mixed with dro smoke
    an catch folk thrown
    ....up in to the air bitxxxh I'm so zone
    i funk around screw ya moms and send you the vid of my go pro

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    Season 2 coming soon

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    The door was left open, so I walked through hoping, that maybe whoever was on the other side would be worth something,but your words have been spoken and in case you didn't notice all the **** you say was nothing short of broken. In fact I'm disappointed that I'm just an average joe, who no doubtedly and easily walked all over your show, so don't feel too bad you know I'm just kidding but on a real note be careful with your girl the next time you get kissin. Should I continue to explain? Nah I'll just wait until you realise that's my **** that you taste

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    I do it for the culture that y I can't retire (DAB)
    If I leave... this forum is going be over run with wack mcs and horrible liar's
    Rappers talking about a life they don't live
    Or claiming b*tches they never hit

    You dudes is rubbish, better yet u lack substances
    LA n*gga wet u dudes up in Grandma bucket
    Open carry so I show my burner in public
    Don't trust them new n*ggaz like Uncle Ruckus

    I was going talk about 45
    But what the point when Im in streets of North Korea celebrating Babylon The Great demise

    Call me a traitor my allegiance was never to this flag or my slave holder country
    My allegiance only to the Most High and my community
    So when it judgement day don't come to me seeking immunity

    Every one kneeling but the message was lost
    When u kneel before the anthem then stand lock arms with yo white boss (DA F*CK IS THIS?)
    A moment a silence for Tamir Rice, Eric Garner, Philando Castile and the other souls that was lost.....

    I pray for hours before i try following the same righteous path of Jesus when he carry the cross

    Mind lost, with wicked thoughts... I want enter into new world
    Where there 100 virgins, that servicing... wearing nothing but white pearls
    My cousin pull up... he always has the finest herbals
    Reminisce about the stupid sh*t we did, as kids, in this sick world


    Spittin circles of verbals I come with the heat
    Ready to rule like impatient son plotting the death of a High King

    But this a son of a hot head that y a n*gga bang
    Blue flag carring... u see the C's in my name
    With tounge vicious, I'm pulling dames
    That highly educated... she give me DEEP conversation that expand my BRAINSS

    Expand my aim this a American Shooter
    Pop u n*ggaz in California and all they way in Bermuda
    Engraved on every bullet is the word Hallelujah
    That y church say Amen when I murder thoes intruders

    That enter the land
    I see their plans
    Divide conquer... I with my Jewish and Muslim brothas and we taking stand

    And I ain't alking about court system.. see I understand at early age ain't no justice for us black floks
    Confederate stute in front of courthouse with all white jury?... yeah young n*ggaz h*lla woke

    If she thick then I'm h*lla stoked
    She ain't trying f*ck u... because u looking h*lla broke
    Pistol on me at this Trump ralley... I'm in back sniffing up h*lla coke

    F*ck the NFL... let my n*gga Kapp back in league
    And u can eat d*ck if you don't agree with me

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