U think u pop 9..I flip mine!
take ya 9 n pop ya 6 times..
I spit rhymes that burn ya inside..
Internal-combustion..lava lines!
Ya Inner-cumm bust nothing!!!
Y-ish u lying son? It's must be bad..keep tryin' son!
Ya inner-tube flat tire..like air-out a-tire
When I air u out..ya whole attire!!
Ya air-dryer is out..now u get tired to air-out ya laundry..
So ya old dryer just hang-out...*uhh*
Like a panhandler just hangs-out! (lol)
Fuxx the repetitive pattern!!
I pop a duce duce to ya abdomen..
Im adamant..ur a whack Al-kind of man..
Ur a lame Al-kind of guy...suit up freestyle
N bomb ur own lines..u trash..u full of lies..
This kat the type of bad informer
Who can't transformer the right kind of line..
He's the type of old type-writer that get push back in line..(lol)
I pop 5..have u pose in a chalk-line..
My flow flame the chain and let it inner-lock..9s
This glock pop in the block n have ya interlock like grid lines..
I pop ten n have the cop scare to pop in..
U get pop ten n have ya friends lift ya coffin..
It's often..I spark flame that engulf ya fire!
I bet ya 5..the biscuit break-fast ya whole life!*umm*
Let the ratchet wrench out ya old spice!
I put double ya life..hit the dice...
the snake eyes can pop u twice ya life..
U can get pop..pop n pay the price..
U been paid in full..full of lead on-site!
I pump the shotty n have the gat clip up to ya eyes sight!
See the fright on ya brows..ur a coward dawg..
A fake bangster, internet wansta..
A shame in ya game..when u claim to bust something!!
U were the kid who miss ya bus..
U talkin' chris cross but ya bus missin'!
Beside ya meat ya never bust nutting..
Enough said..u always yappin' about nothing..
Alliance here to align the missile n end ya mission..
Fucc ya feelin' no sentimental intermediate
I admit to pop the clip at u midsection in ya intermediation!!
No need to mention..X out ya question..
No question..quench ya thirst like a bad addiction..
There's no amount of burst u can shoot at me..
That won't ricochet n deflect in ya direction..
I flex the text n give ya a texts lesson..
When it comes to the tech I disengage the Smith&Wesson..
Eye for an eye is gonna make the whole world blind..right?
Life is harder when ur a stupid son..
Life for a life is gonna be a hard life lesson..
U couldn't handle bars if I pen out ya life sentences! (Ouch!)
So u can let ya mind sink in..n the pen ink in..
While u playing kiddy-corners with ya checker board..
I make moves that flame up ya torch..
I spit n flame up like the human-torch..
U a cheap imitation..u can't forge this..
Too hot to handle can't scorch it..
If we talkin' money u can't afford it..
So what we talkin' about?
U just plain retarded!!
Or getting slain regarded..
In Chess it's a bad move..for mis-takin' n get ya rook-took
U keep more L's at night in ya notebook..
While I spit more Pac n got ya knight-shook!
This a light hook..u couldn't finish a fight..
I turn off ya lights with this right hook..
Look rookie u the chump in this box..
Now u think ur a boxer??
Ya square footed..flat footed box
While I carry glock in brief or box..
I put the chomp on ya top..ya box-in..n can't out-box..
U sound like a square even with ur drop..
U can tell pplz to reformat their pop..
But ur still a dork and a doormat on top..
U get step all over..n ya bytch knows I always cumm on top!!
Bad guys is back? U the definition of a bad sequel that's gonna flop!!
Do the forum a favor..n just stop!!
N then again..do it like Linkin..try'a redeem urself n just pop! (Rip)