Enter Alliance..where the roar stay vibrant
From hibernating in the lion den...
Still breathing fiya like a sleepin’ dragon..
Or..I got kicks like Enter the Dragon..
Make ya eat ya own words..no flavor writing
Stay stifle I’m a crouching tiger..
But take flight like a hidden dragon
Before ur time exist..
I’ve been kickin’ back in the garden of eden
I know my mind a loop hole space continuum
Still spit bars too far for ur whole existence
So why bother to tinker with ya very own existence?
I’m the shadow that follow the dail..sun-dail!!
Since the past, future and present..
I use to think..space is the time between..
Now I’m that light that link the distance
Muscle memory that twitch in an instant
A beast that maneuver on instinct..
Or that light that keep burning on that incense
Just say I pray for the souls they never go extinct
To what extend do we measure our living?
The path I chose is to live with-in..
Do I live to sin..live to win or live to be content..
Or see the world chain up in a system where they live to pretend..
The gifts n the curse the one in the same sentence
Ya body is the temple so god is present
This world is too conflicted..facing their inner-demon
My intuition intertwine lines that define..
the prime rhymes seasons with meaning..
Inception conception deception or the voice of reasons
Reflect the neglect to feel negligence..
So what’s next they level the field to feel exception
Plane the field they play the field to pain the field..
Still aim to kill..thirst to shells to scream at the world..
Now they feel my pain..paint the killer that society instill..
Still we primitive to the hate that create in our society still..
Now I paint the picture we all too numb to feel..
Keep stealth let me snap that picture to keep the memories well..
Well wish the cursed I was birth to tell the tales..
Alliance keep shells..shoot thru two s’s and u can keep hell!! (Mmm!)
I been dwellin’ the suspense elevated suspend
Each time I pop..the roof top hop like pop’n off ya ceiling
This ain’t for the faint off heart..
I pop skull off like a cap with no brain to fill in..
Pistol talk that whistle smoke out the..barrel
Or Sbu will tell u it’s smoke out the borough..
Now I ain’t bout that bird Rao or Rio..
But it’s absurd when Tom-dad-on-don..or is it tom-da-don-don?
Whatever the fucc ur on..the preacher is the sound of ur song..
U don’t have to agree along..it’s the same old song
U get dealt like a long hit on a bong..
Or might get skit over by a suv
This spit hover over ya head like a UV..
Nukka plz fucc around with Alliance..
I’m quick to disconnect SBU like a USB!! (Ouch!)
Whatever it be..u ain’t gett’n Me B..(lol)
Serious tho G..u can’t handle me!!
This fight like no hands Chan??
U told me...so this is all toes to me?? (LoL)
I still crack a Chan neck like it’s Bruce Lee!! (Oww!)
For real B..games recognize real..
N real recognize an OG!!
The flows will make the girls go oh-geez!!
I spit hot on g spot they pop their kneez..
Alliance too hard..make’m pu$$y drop still shock’n in OD’z!!(LoL..Booyaka!Booyaka!!)