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    I tried to help you but you seem allergic to winning
    Your rhymes were so bad I concluded that you needed helping
    We out here dissing peoples rapping ability
    But your gay *** too concerned with peoples sexuality
    Are you above 12 you make me question your mentality
    My flow is like a tsunami that's just how it's meant to be
    Like Bartimaeus sometimes the blind need a little water to see
    I have to break this down so fools like you can undestand
    Imagine we are different characters in a game
    Don't try to comeback because you have already lost
    You are the villain in the first level while i'm the final boss
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    Like Mr T, I pity this fool,
    You still wanna engage? Such a tool.
    Your rhymes were soft, i’mma snap this and reddit it,
    Full of errors, even when it was edited
    Readin ur raps is like readin robert munsch,
    Ur rhymes belong in a kindergarten book that kids wud read durin lunch/
    U edited ur piece of crap rap, it’s still mild
    And it still spellin mistakes , are u a man child?
    80% of ur rhymes didn’t even rhyme,
    You sound like I Am Sam during story time,
    Go back to bein a virgin
    U shud consult a sex change surgeon,
    I aint concerned wit ur gender or sex,
    But i call out f ags that prefer d ick over breast,
    Sayin ur flow’s like a tsunami wave?
    When u got no ebb or flow in ur lyrics, stop the rave,
    Ur whole wrap is chicken,
    Go change ur name to mr Charles d ick-in,
    Little Oliver, a Fa g-in a rap duel?
    Shudn’t u be askin me for more gruel?
    “ I want some more please,”
    I shud punish u like a drill sarge, “ boy At ease!”
    I was trashin ur inability to rap,
    Ur brain wasnt designed for this, go back to ur fap,
    No fool even needs to view ur crappy lines,
    Their ears wud bleed , like they listenin to amanda bynes,
    Ur lyrics are alien to the rap world, straight outta the movie “Signs”
    I shud start recording it on “bad rap vines”
    Talkin about bosses and levels, now i can confirm,
    That Ur a f uckin virgin nerd , who eats man sperm,
    Never once did i bring up gaming or consoles,
    Ur probably still in grade school, with swollen tonsils,
    Go back and cry to your mommy and get her to sue,
    Cause after my lyrics violate you,
    Old Lady gonna need to be on life support bed,
    U’ll wake up feelin like u already dead,
    Ur soft like casper the ghost,
    This has been such an easy roast,
    Ur lyrics were meant to battle like a war,
    War as in 1944,
    Battlin u is such a bore,
    Id rather be lectured by a paid hooker or a w hore,
    u came in softer than spongebob , but my lyrics rough
    U soundin like u got Krabs, ur girl must have it tough,
    Right now u about to hit bikini bottom,
    My lyrics wipe u out, like God did to Sodom,
    It’s a parent that u aint on my level,
    Such a childish rebel,
    I expect another hopeless rap attempt,
    After ur tryout’s done, go work a temp,
    Smoke up a few joints with hemp,
    Maybe u’ll write more creative words,
    Cause ur lyrics are more rotten than milk curds,
    Fake azz rapper, go be a designer
    Rap is too violent for u, i will kill this shyt rhymer,
    This clear first timer.
    U don’t belong here, outcast.
    Ur a nerd who plays Outlast
    Go back to eating junk and lookin like peter griffin,
    Go back to the coke, glue, or whatever ur sniffin
    Go retire and be a food tester,
    Go change ur name to somethin like Chestor the Molester
    F uckin wit the Don, u must want a death wish filed,
    Al cap-one in you, mafia styled,

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    Man talk is cheap..
    Ya spit even cheaper..
    This like gambling with death
    When u deal with the reaper..
    Peak the style try’a reach deeper..
    Back then I was off the page like a beeper..
    N now I still off ya page call it a sleeper..
    Get slain in my lane..jeepers creeper
    If ya bytch a dime u should keep her..
    If she spent all ya dimes then it’s time..
    If popin’ lines a crime
    Then U should be in hand cuff..
    U..Tom a clown on some bluff..
    U can get smoke out the snuff..
    When I smoke out the puff..
    U get sprinkle on..angel dust..
    Enough I’m back to put pressure in the pot..
    Flame the forum too hot iron on the board..
    Put the stuff in the iron and let it torch..
    Straighten out ya shirt n torso..
    Get pop out like lights out..
    This gonna be a light work..
    Circuit shortage ya short wire
    When u get shot out..(ouch!)
    I done told u I can knock ya block out..
    Power outage and blocks out..
    I done told u I can knock ya whole blocks out!!(umm!)
    I move unit so fluidly..electricity..
    True to hesitation..I’m adamant..
    move legit at the path of less resistance..
    Man u get slay in an instant
    It’s not my intend to pop u five in N Sync
    But u get hit in five places in sync
    if u try’a to testify I give u five more
    Before the ship sink!!
    I make ya hands touch the sky in a blink..
    It ain’t what u think..advertisement line..
    just click on the link
    I get this murder spree the blood etch out the ink..
    I got the plug with IT..
    U get the plug with IV
    I be high as the peak
    Sun rise couldn’t even touch me..
    N u can’t even rise B..
    Too live or to die..
    But U just live to die B..
    I’m early in my bags..
    So fly n let my mind free..
    U still on my last flight..
    jet lag when u spit a free!!..huh sucker mc!

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    I waited more than month for something crazy,
    Was thinkin to myself that you just got lazy.
    But after you popped up in my inbox email,
    read ur shyt and it was as illogical as a female
    U the opposite of aubrey drake graham,
    You went from 100-0 real quick, total mayhem
    Called urself the “reaper”, jeepers creeper?
    Silence Little lamb,before i cut you deeper,
    The lecter’s just started,
    Call me freddy krueger, i’ll scare you retarded
    get double crossed over, AI, the Departed
    Call me God , Shammgod, now on ur knees, bow
    Worship supreme leader, chairman mao
    Do it hindu style, kamadhenu cow,
    U saw how i demolished poor olaty,
    Or so i refer to as “ poor old lady,”
    My lyrics left Olaty ,self destructive like Haiti,
    He might as well call himself “katy,”
    After i’m through with the final finish,
    U’ll go from “Alliance”, to “ spinach”
    U’ll promote PETA , turn into a gay vegan,
    Ur boyfriend will c ock smash ur skull, Negan
    U’ll have ear issues , need hearing AIDS
    U’ll wear rainbow colored braids,
    It took u a lifetime to fire off blank rounds,
    In a war, u wudve been devoured by hounds
    Ur carcass was dessert-ed long ago,
    You ran out of ammo for ur crappy flow,
    So u tried to make a push , like vimy ridge
    My lyrical nukes Blitzkrieg you, london bridge
    Don’t try to be a hero, she mad (hiroshima) cause u a cuck
    Ur girl knows i’m her daddy, cause u can’t f uck
    Ud rather suck,
    U cudnt use ur brain to make a quick buck,
    Is ur tongue stuck? Ur outta luck,
    Serve u up wit szechuan sauce, peking duck
    Now bow down to ur captain commander,
    My lyrics will burn u up, young salamander
    Ur talkin about bein so full of heat,
    But U havent even achieved a feat, just defeat,
    Flames? I’ll chop you up, season u wit curry like hakka,
    Yamamoto style, flames surround u like Ryūjin Jakka,
    My Lyrics so divine, they raise the dead,
    Lyrics so sharp, they’ll cut off ur head,
    Zanka no tachi style,
    I’ll cut down Alliance, flesh stacked in a pile,
    Grill his flesh with crumpets, Country Style
    Serve ur flesh , farmer’s biscuits,
    with a drink like Starbucks, berry hibiscus,
    I Make sure the server spells my name,
    But Ur cup reads “ Alliance-Wild Game,”
    Drug u like Bill Cosby, cuz u gettin raped,
    Ur feet and hands gettin taped,
    This Chocolate puddin makin u sick,
    Another cosby victim who secretly craves ****
    Ur remains fed to the dogs of michael vick,
    hands bounce off ur face, like im playin bongo
    I’ll eat u up like I’m a cannibal from the congo,
    Alliance wants liberation,
    i put him in liberia-nation, ur favorite vacation,
    There’s no escape from the warlord’s wrath,
    Mow u down like General Butt Naked, stay clear of my path,
    I’ll devour ur physical heart in a sack of ice,
    Josh Blahyi ,drink ur blood like ur a sacrifice
    Stop battlin cause ur just fresh meat,
    Id rather be kissing a hot girl’s feet ,
    Battlin u is easier than solving quadratic equations,
    U Always come up short, like the d ick size of most asians

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    I’m lookin like I can’t believe the flash of this trash
    You Talkin like you smooth with yo moves like silk
    But your more like pot holes in the road no joke
    Your liberation of fiberation with constipation
    The only food you’ll eat is your own annilation
    See me beat the breaks off another one
    Set you up oops there breaks another one
    Sit back and see That yo Dad is number 1
    break you off like kit kat take hom a beating son

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    I guess we’re playing King’s Court ball,
    eliminated Alliance, now u gnna next to fall.
    Where should i even start with my rebuttal?
    I need a minute to decide, team huddle
    Should i talk about the fact that ur lines didnt rhyme?
    You aint a rapper, go audition to be a mime.
    Clearly articulation is a bit of an issue,
    My lyrics will hurt you bad, u’ll need a tissue ,
    To wipe ur tears after i abuse you bad,
    You complimenting my dad,
    He banged all the females in ur crib,
    Now ur sisters, aunties and mom have 10kids sucking a bib,
    He gonna commit infanticides,
    No need to even fantasize,
    Reality sets in,
    You gnna end up with murdered next of kin,
    U might as well move south and be Mex-ican,
    Da “Don’s” lyrics “Trump” you like a horse,
    No chance young padawan, I am the Force,
    U had a chance to read everything written,
    And ur lyrics are still softer than a baby kitten
    Clearly “G.D” didnt get his “G.E.D”
    ,ur stupidity spreads like an STD,
    If ur named “G.D,” then i’m a G.O.D,
    My rounds kill u faster than me playin C.O.D,
    That’s Call of Duty,
    G.D. Is still a 40 yr old virgin, u get no booty,
    He’s at home watchin reruns of ratatouille,
    He’s in diapers and playing with dolls,
    G.D hasnt even fully developed his balls,
    G.D’s initials stand for “ getting d ick,”
    He fantasizes about michael vick,
    His favorite show is BBC news,
    He’s got an oversized big nose, like jews,
    u fantasize about gettin raped by terry crews,
    Go back to class, rap aint gnna pay ur bills,
    Ur fckin wit a vet, i got war tags, 100 kills,
    You still a virgin in every aspect of life,
    Even if u got married id still fck ur wife,
    U posted on this forum butt u gettin raped,
    U shudve stayed in ur basement and vaped,
    Cause u wont beat me unless u reach,
    Another dimension of thought, u little leech,
    Ur a leech cuz u “suck,”
    I feel so bad that i wanna spare u a buck,
    Go retire from writing the rhyme,
    Ur life is better doing hard time,
    ur lyrics are distasteful, like sucking lime,
    I’ll spare u, but stop embarrassing your self,
    Ud be better at being Santa’s Little Elf

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