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    Default Looking to artist to a song about homeless people.

    I con't remember the year, but it is a older song. it is driving me crazy that I can not remember the srtist and the rest of the song.

    Here are the words I remember.

    I have no place to go
    I alone in this big city will you be a friend and help me
    It seemd go long ago i was working hard everyday then my life started to change.

    I walk the street feel loney all
    talking to myself all day
    children are afraid to say hi to me other they laugh and they call me crazy

    Thank you to anyone who can help me.

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    Artist: Perri

    Song: No Place To Go

    CD: The Flight

    Year: 1989

    Note: The Perri sisters were Anita Baker's backup band. Perri is the last name of all the sisters that were in this group.

    Here's the song...


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