amzing song
Look at me sing for you almost love song
just give me a little smile ,a half gaze,
To me Look that you are listening to so-called law and word that I say
show me that you listening supposedly to every sentence and word that I say
In any case there is still love between you and me
Strange world and only from you I'm careful, you change my limits
All laws of gravity,you keep to dance with me on the edge of the abyss
So if it possible tomorrow so why today
why my heart swept to you , I'm still not yours, why am I to blame for that you a different girl ?
You never answer

Why are you silent? Say something if you leave me, but dont go to another man
and if you leave without me ,i take it easy, just be with me and dont think to do
other something

That's the thing, because you pretty even without make-up
I admit I'm addicted only to our nonsense together