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    Default Song at Kmart???

    Ok so I work at Kmart, and about once or twice a month I hear this one song that I have had an impossible time identifying. From what I can remember its instrumental and its got a basic beat. Probably the only instrumental song on the playlist. the melody is pretty simplistic, I wish I could give more details, but l really dont know what else to go off of since there are no vocals to it. It typically plays on the days where we play music thats beyond the top 40 hits, (ie classic rock, 80s pop, etc). Does anyone have any idea what Im rambling about?

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    I used to work at Kmart and I have a couple requests in for an instrumental song I heard while working there. I am attaching a bad attempt by me to play the melody. If this is the song you are looking for too....well....then we're both in the same boat.
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