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    Default Funk lyrics request: King Errisson - Well, have a nice day


    I'm new to this forum... I've been looking for a while for this song's lyrics and it seems nobody can help me (or is willing to).
    Finally I stumbled this site, hope you can.

    I'd like to request:

    King Errisson - Well, have a nice day

    Thank you very much in advance!
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    I hate having to do this:

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    I didn't get all lines. Can someone help with the ?????? parts?

    Well, Have a Nice Day - King Errisson
    (Dennis Coffey; Cleveland Horne ) 1977

    Hum, who's that fine girl sitted over there
    Seen her before, can't remember where
    There's something about the way she turns her head
    Getting a word or two, someone else's said

    I'd like to meet her, got to find a way
    She looks good to me
    Notice what I'll say
    Hi what's your name
    Have we met before
    Yeah now I remember
    ???Hoping I still ????

    How you've been doing?
    It's being a long long time
    Since I last saw you with a friend of mine
    You look so different
    Is it really you?
    Would you like a drink
    and maybe a dinner too

    It's great to see you
    It's been so long ago
    You look happy
    Life's been good it shows

    I had ups and downs
    You've heard that tune
    Had a lot of loves
    That ended most too soon

    I was stupid to lose someone like you
    Think of what we had
    The things we used to do
    Time has been good to you
    You're prettier each day
    I'd like to make up with you
    What else can I say

    You look fantastic
    You look ???????????
    You changed your hair
    And the clothes you wear
    I can't get over
    How good you look tonight
    Sorry for what I did
    I'd like to make it right

    How long you've been here
    This place is new to me
    I'm glad we met
    Like nothing planned, you see
    Why don't the two of us grab a bite to eat
    where the lights are soft with music low in the suite

    Say what?
    Got a boyfriend
    Meeting you tonight
    Didn't mean to interfere
    Everything alright?
    You found someone to love, huh
    Who loves you in return
    Doesn't matter who baby, it's not of my concerne
    Be nice to him
    You know you put me in the ???no???
    Thanks for the memories, I really have to go
    Maybe we'll meet again
    Fate's funny that way
    Well see you later, have a nice day

    Can you imagine
    Acting like she don't know me
    I was just kidding I knew she was all a wild
    Fine thing
    Look at that walk
    Men you know I got to see her again
    Oh It's kind of strange
    It's been such a long time

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