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    Default Christmas Eve song

    When I was in college (1969-1970) my roommate had a Christmas album with a song that I memorized. Now I can't find the lyrics or the name of the song. I sing it to my grandkids but I would like to know I have the right words and tune. I think it was on a Lennon Sisters Christmas album. Maybe not.
    Here are the lyrics Iremember:
    Once upon a Christmas eve
    I dreamt that I heard a noise.
    A tiny voice was singing to all the other toys.
    It said how very proud he was that Santa had leaft him there.
    Not a sound was heard, not a creature stirred,
    As he sang to the teddy bear.

    I'm a tiny toy for a tiny boy
    And I wait 'neath the Christmas tree.
    Just a tiny toy for a tiny boy,
    But he prayed very hard for me.

    An angel brought his letter
    Through the dark and stormy night.
    and Santa read his letter
    In the glow of an angel's light.

    With a one, two, three
    Santa called for me
    And he worked through the wintry night
    All the time you see
    Checking carefully
    To be sure that he made me right.

    Though Skys were getting brighter
    Santa paused when he left me here.
    And now my fame is brighter,
    It's been brushed by an angel's tear.

    I'm a tiny toy for a tiny boy
    Nothing else would I rather be.
    Just to share the joy
    Of that tiny boy
    When he finds me undrneath the tree.

    Can someone please help me with this. I would like to know the name of the song and to get a copy of it is one is available.
    Thank You,

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    Default hi

    i don't have an answer, but i am also looking for this song. if you find it, could you please email the name of it to me as well? thanks!

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    Looks like it's called "The Christmas Toy" by the Lennon Sisters. For a bit more info, go here: Words to song

    Make sure you read the three replies. Wish I could have been more helpful. Hopefully, this will get you there.

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    Default Me too

    This is a favorite christmas song as mine too. I stumbled across it on an old cassette tape of christmas music when i was a kid. I've been searching for it being digitized, to no avail. but i still have the cassette somewhere! if anyone kind find it let me know!

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    I've found a link to the song, have a listen to see if it's the one you're after:

    It shows you the CD it was released on, Christmas with Lawrence Welk

    And it looks like it's available on Amazon in the USA and an import to the UK. Good luck.
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    Thank you, Skayz, for sharing your memories and your recollection of the lyrics to the song. You can see/hear the rendition by the Lennon Sisters on YouTube, one upload (from Lawrence Welk's Christmas Album) by rflowers57 and another (actual TV segment of Lennon Sisters from the Lawrence Welk Show) by tvcollector71, both uploads posted Nov-Dec 2009. Just type in "Lawrence Welk - The Christmas Toy" in the YouTube search box. I enjoyed listening to them over and over and over again!

    Your recollection of the lyrics is very much right-on, except for the one line where you noted, "And now my fame is brighter"; I listened to both uploads closely, and it seems the lyric is "And now my pain is brighter," which really doesn't make much sense, except if you consider that the angel's tear healed the tiny toy's pain. But pain ... from what? Perhaps that's best left for the philosophers to argue.
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    The line you have as "And now my pain is brighter" is wrong. You almost got it. The words are: " And now my PAINT is brighter.

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    I love this song! Like you I have been looking for it for years. I just got it back and bless my soul there is a video on youtube. The Lawrence Welk Christmas 8-track was lost so long ago The Chrsitmas Toy by the Lennon Sisters. I have a disabled brother who sang that for me as a gift singing along with them.

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