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    Default Freestyle

    Pop in my new cd
    Call me papa in New Guinea
    Yall poppin crude scrutiny
    Bullet holes bullet holes
    I got a screw in me
    This rap **** is old
    Ain't none of this new to me
    Flo is so ill, like I got the rap flu in me
    **** that isis. Asshad. Where that Putin be.
    **** that crisis. It's hard. *****s they shootin me.
    Can't handle success. All the hate is just boostin me.
    ~LeoGod ||Y$M||

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    Is this suppost to be a rap?
    Because if it is, you're not good,
    You must have misunderstood.
    I'm the one who's cool,
    You're the one who is a fool.
    Believe me, you can have a life
    When you drool at school.
    Come and get me sucker
    Cause I'm number 1
    I'll fight till the end,
    To day to night.
    Come and find me in the light.
    I'll talk to you later
    Cause you aren't worth my time
    I'll see you in a cell in hell
    And when you rang that bell, and fell down, you paid!
    So get out of my town
    Cause you aren't a member anymore
    You're just a little psycho geek.

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    Trash talk all you want
    Till something hits ya
    This is my town now
    ill pick ya up and rip ya
    like paper
    You forgot to sign a waver
    so be on your best behavior
    im not backin down
    you both i can toss around
    Like a rag doll
    while you both are like hell to the naaw
    When those lyrics slowly fall
    And dont comeback at all
    As my game stands tall
    i throw ya like a snow ball
    With a little bit of yellow
    and thats my way in saying hello
    in a mellow way eating a payday
    while you go to waste
    Ill burn your eyeballs with toothpaste
    Thats coke and acid based
    to make your lyrics melt away

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