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    Lightbulb I want to know the name of this song, help me please!

    This is the song from a Mr JWW video but I've failed to find it online by typing the lyrics:


    Lyrics I've picked up from listening...
    Since I left you stand the test of the time like a meter,
    it got to falling, I will always linger.
    You ran away to feel the wind getting thinner;
    It worked and I was on the verge __ ______.
    We had all the reasons to split and we made a fire, when it took forever.
    When from nothing to this, when it took forever...
    when it took forever...

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    You'd probably have found out by now, but the song is Into Forever by Aldenmark Niklasson.

    On April I went to a Vans store, this song was playing there. I knew I needed to get the song. The mall was quite loud and I could only hear "when it took forever". I tried googling so many different keywords to find it until I found your post and opened the youtube video. But at that time, still no clue in the description/comments. No song title, no nothing.

    15 minutes ago, I went back to the video and scrolled through the comments. To my delight, 2 weeks ago, a guy called Caraholic King had replied to a post from meteo0rspiders, answering the question of what the background song is.

    I wouldn't have found the song title if you hadn't posted the JWW link there, JobawickUK. Thanks a lot man!

    We could've just Shazamed the song, really. But where's the fun in that?
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