Gentlemen and ladies, welcome to the funk party
All types of expressions are allowed
And greatly encouraged
We want nothing more than complete satisfaction
During your time with us

Verse 1
Reject control
Don't keep your mouth shut
Don't do as you're told
The people will be unsatisfied and restless
They'll cry out for a solution to change their status
Beholden to ancient ways is not the way for them to be
They need fresh air to eliminate the toxicity they've inhaled
With clear lungs and a new outlook
The present will be bright and clear

Verse 2
Unified against the strongest tide
Waves come crashing in
We won't drown out
When the storms are unrelenting
The bonds we've built will serve us well
When the climate is fierce and harsh
We'll hold onto each others hands and feet
We won't get bogged down with disasters and distractions
Our minds are untaintable

Bridge 1
Funk! Crunk! Swirl!
Don't clop the blue drop
Swim in the rainbow
Dance in the rainbow
Touch the rainbow
Multiply the rainbow

Bridge 2
Funk! Crunk! Swirl!
Rocking without dropping
Dream in the rainbow
Listen to the rainbow
Taste the rainbow
Multiply the rainbow

Bridge 3
Funk! Crunk! Swirl!
Rising without fighting
Fly with the rainbow
Marvel at the rainbow
Memorize the rainbow
Multiply the rainbow

Bridge 4
Funk! Crunk! Swirl!
Ruling without destroying
Uplift the rainbow
Feed the rainbow
Protect the rainbow
Multiply the rainbow

We are here
We are everywhere
Got things to do
Never bored or idle
We are young
We are bold and tenacious
Always using and perfecting our senses
As public enemies with colorful attitudes
Things are rarely easy
Or as cool as ice
That won't hinder us
Never complacent or scared

Written by B. (Sunday, August 14, 2016)
Copyright 2016