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Thread: SJP genre - rap

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    Default SJP genre - rap

    Its the SJP yo,

    Homies calling on the phone,
    Sayin they got something which will make me stoned.
    I just woke up from my bed...can't focus nothin on my Head.
    Straight to my homie,
    Everyone in here knows me...
    They say Im The best Well, I ain't like the rest.
    6 Shot on The Bong,
    Smoking weed, Nothings Wrong.

    I'ma little High,
    But My Friends they deny, Bi*** it's a Fu***** lie.
    Why do You mess with me?
    After these 2 fat joints,
    Ur gonna Fly Fly Fly....

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    ur gonna fly, fly, fly like an eagle
    or atleast just like my weed smoke
    mr. 3 cones, wake up high and go to sleep blowed
    wrote this off of big toke, im coughing gas
    what i need right now, is a really big glob of wax
    some marbled hash, northern lights, with my marley ***
    a lil purple haze, and og shatter with a party hat
    im smoking potent you cant stand a hit at all
    vaping kings nectar mixed with cannabidiol
    taste like candy hit you hard though
    you gotta pay or else you cant get in on our smoke.

    hope you dont mind i like weed songs had to add

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