hit em raw dog **** with me
seth rogan in a rom com ,the *****es never wanted me
they made excuses why they couldnt **** with me
so i made it fuel and didnt let it **** with
the fuse it lit got stuck in me
abused to limits troubling
consumed with hate and suffering
And nothing seems to be what we think
how come people just wanna be fake
at my breaking point i just wanna be sane
,,,save yourself before the humble me breaks,,,,
been to the point of no return and back with no remorse
my hope is torn, an any insecurity i hold toward women i owe to her
the only closure ive ever gotten is from open doors
stuck in the pouring rain,, it was cold at first
omarion with an ice box where my heart used to be in a frozen shirt
im too cold to burn, maybe to broke hurt