As a kid he was on drugs,
Beating my mum and the dogs,
I was just a baby, when it kicked off,
threw a brick in the window, then he ran off.
like a coward.
So we moved away, moved schools,
Never saw him again.

I was just 8 when we moved to the country,
He didn't even cross my mind.. Till he
text me.
asking to be part of my life,
saying my mum fed us lies.
Going on about respect,
when did he show any?

I was just 14 when he got in contact,
not a clue in the world what he looks like.
then it crossed my mind,
All the family i've missed out on,
Because of him!
Found out I had a half sister,
Better then finally finding my dad.
She was 11,
God knows what they went through.

I soon came to realization,
my mum had to be mother and father all these years,
and managed to keep a roof over our heads.
Respect to her for the stress.
But now i'm getting on with my life,
Joined Boxing, cadets and now have aspirations..