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    Default I can't find the title of this rock song, could anyone PLEASE help me?

    Hi guys, I'm kinda new to this, but I'm struggling with something. I can't seem to find a song that appeared in my suggested songs while using Spotify. It's a rock song, it sounds like the singers are pretty young. I'm not sure but I have a feeling that the song is called something like "kiss" or "kiss me/you", because that's what kept appearing in the songs. I was listening this with my soon-to-be-girlfriend and it was an amazing moment, so it means alot to me to find this song.

    The only thing I remember about the lyrics is that they sing something like, "let's just KISS" or "Let me KISS (you)".

    I would be really happy if someone could find this song for me, I've searched everywhere but still haven't found it...

    Thank you guys!

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    You'd better give similar sounding rock bands or songs. Did they sound like Coldplay or T-Rex or The Who or the Undertones or any other rock band for example? A

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    Morrisey? Nancy Sinatra?

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    Exile - Kiss You All Over {1978}



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