(main chorus) Youíre on my mind, thereís probably no one else Iíd rather find. Iím just asking for sign that you're mine.

(verse 1) I look for you, but you were always with youíre boyfriend. Iíd write to you on the computer and hit send. Thought for you and I to be a couple it just depends. Everyday you looking hella fine, where I sit back and wish you were mine. Iím thinking about you so much my moms making me go to bed at nine, I tell her ďso loves a crimeĒ. Sitting in my bed watching time fly, cause Iím wishing I was your guy.

(chorus 2) Dreams of marriage run through my head as I lay awake, so Babe tell me just what itís gonna take, cause my heads about to break.

(verse 2) Iím digging myself a hole deep down below, cause times moving kinda slow. I should know, but I donít know if I should go. All them bad times of mine have fline. Iím happy to say, I love being the guy who can put a smile on your face no matter the case, even if you moved over a couple states, Now that's something to celebrate.

(Chorus 3) Weíll walk down the hall then weíll look out the window and watch the snow fall.

Youíve been on my mind lately 24-7 Iíve liked you since the week before summer, that **** was kinda a bummer, Iím happy I didn't date you last year cause I was kinda dummer. Your ex still a drummer, who plays that cool math game runner, one and two because he thinks so damn cool. Let me give you an example weíre sitting in biology and he started waving around a stool, then Nesbitt made a new rule. What am I doing this is supposed to be about you,

(Chorus 4) Iím just asking for a sign that thereís a slight possibility that your mine.
(verse 3) Iíd see you in the halls, and your voice so loud I could hear you through the walls, I promise to catch you when you fall, you make me laugh when you say you're so tall, I lost the courage to rhyme,hope it comes back to me just in time, I know I say I love you, but to be with you Iíd commit so many crimes, Iíll buy you anything and itíll never cost me a dime, I feel like Iíve got you trapped in a box like a mime, I be like Tarzan swinging from vine to vine, for you just to be mine.

(chorus 5) Girl, I donít care if you make me feel dumb, you and your friends make school fun, I donít have the slight feeling that Iíd better run.
(verse 4) You and Iíll go to one of them fancy restaurants, where couples wine and dine, were just stuck in a bind, you're blowing my mind, cause you so fine you makin guys go blind, day by day, I always said hay all the guys thought I was gay, well thatís cause Iíve been smoking on that blue dreams, as it seems, use to get on the computer and send you funny memes, mother ****ers say you can only have her in your dreams, I know how it seems I got demons, *******s said keep dreamin, Smoke up and tell me what you seein, I see her we in, I ask her what she doin.

(chorus 6) Thank god that I can celebrate, celebrate good times, all the bad times have past away, things have gone so I can say day in day out I can be with ya.

You and I make one of them perfect couples, Iíll buy you 12 carat diamonds for your ears, I donít want you to be in tears, Iíll be light as air, weíll walk up the stairs, but none of these *******s care, told my mom itís unfair, I want to take you to the clark county fair, cause weíll eat some popcorn their, loving you is like hella rare, Iíll say it aloud for the whole school to hear, Iím fallowen my head, as I lay in bed, I write to you and I like how I can make you cheeks turn a little red,

(Ending chorus) Babe Iím happy to say your mine, Iím not gonna be a fool, I'd be a good boy and sit on my stole, just donít get upset if I choose to rhyme all the time.Canít get you outta my mind you stuck in my heart like glue, happy to be Iíam to be with you.

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