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    Default The story or drunk in progress

    Steven was never really open unless he was drinking or smoking
    Actually thats not even is name so we can make sure that its noted
    Let me swerve back the focus this is a real story of his mental break down in better words lack of coping
    ...but steven was never really his self unless he was drinking or smoking.........x2
    ,,,he was hard working citezen his mother named him after his father and saint christopher
    Always did the right thing never let any of this bullshit get to him
    He belives god but he never been a religous man
    Only gets violent when its meant for it
    Lately hes slowly been hyping up the littel ****
    Been smoking this kind weed hoping to get high enough to deal with it
    Decided being sober wasnt really him cause all the stress up on his shoulders would end up killing him...all these ****ing problems
    Why he turning up that bottle its time to show the world who steven really is .................................................
    Well stevens me well hes not me but hes apart of me though
    I dont blackout when im drunk i get an alter ego
    Hit the limit then its like call me steve ***
    As a matter of fact ***** call me steven mr ****ed up and pregamed to hard before the party begins
    I dont like beef imma bacardi vegan bob marley cheifin
    What you thought goin hard was weak ****
    Get of this broad arm i need it damn dawg...
    Grabbing on your ***** while she giving me handjob
    That wouldnt happen to you pimping if you stopped cuffing all them damn thots
    Ill tell you what.. You cant **** her nomore but can watch
    Also i got this pole with me when i wave it at you this ***** a be bucking like dance song
    Steven go to damn far but when i start drinking i just put that ****ing mask on
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