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    Hopin to win prepared to lose in this game I follow rules **** up and ya life you'll lose that fast money got my mind confused livin broke that's all I knew selling dope to buy new shoes Hopin to win prepared to lose I found out there are no rules

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    So im win.or just a way out..
    I just wanna live a good second guessin
    Ill just play other way around
    So im just hopeless.......................................... .................
    Could of got up an got ghost like my ol man
    Instead i stood up like im grown on my own 10
    So dont judge me if you dont know what im holdin in
    Tell my mother its her oldest kid she gone be like damn there that boi go again
    She was so proud of me when i put the scales away an told her im bout to go legit
    At the time i didnt know that meant dealing with all of this
    My emotions have bottled in so long they might exploded when i begin to spit
    Im sick of this till my gradma died of cancer thats when i found out what sickness is
    I was only 10 i got a pit in my stomach at the wake and havent been to a funeral home since
    Is this really it..... when will this **** end
    Feel like im swimming with the fish...inside the entirety of life is either high or im just hoping

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