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    Default Rap/hiphop/house/club song from around 2000

    Last year I watched a rap/hiphop/house/club kind of music clip on Youtube. The singer was a black person and there were women dancing. I'm guessing that it was released some time around 2000, give or take 4 years.

    I cannot say which genre that song exactly belongs to: hiphop, soul, black music (if there exits such a genre ) as I'm not a hiphop/soul/or whatever listener.

    I browsed the hiphop/soul/house and the similar categories of the to see if there is any match. I searched and found these artists:

    J Dilla, Mos Def, Dan The Automator, Kool Keith, Dr.Octagon, MF Doom,Pharoahe Monch, Blackalicious, Murs, Cannibal Ox, Handsome Boy Modeling, Common, Busdriver, Spectre, Madlib, Cadence Weapon, Dizzy Wright

    I listened to their popular songs on YT, but none of them sounded like the singer I'm searching. Then I searched and found these artists: Common, Madlib, YG. Again none of them sounded like it. Then I listened to Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, NWA, Jay Z and the likes, again no match.

    If I have to give you a sample which might remind that song, they would be

    --> The first 10-20 seconds of Massive Attack - Unfinished Sympathy (until the main vocal begins)

    --> The orchestration in the main part of 2Pac - Late Night where it is sung: ' In the late night ... last night changed it all..'. But I mean only the orchestration at the background without all the other sound effects and the voice of 2Pac.

    As a whole, those samples are not similar to the song I'm searching.

    Last thing I remember was it had tens or maybe hundreds of thousands of views on YT. I mean it must be neither too unknown nor very popular song. Thank you.

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    Sorry I really don't know.
    Is it possible for you to look in your YouTube history and get a link to the song.
    Massive Attack are usually in the category Trip-Hop or Downtempo/ Chill which might help.

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    Thanks a lot for the comment. I was unlogged to my youtube account during then because I was browsing and discovering new videos. But I was on Firefox with the history settings on, that is I should be able to find that video from FF history list. But when I decided to find it after a month or two, I just couldn't find it!

    Good to know the Massive Attack's musical category, I will search a bit with those keywords.

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