Please help me find this dance/pop music video from around the early 2000s (I think). Here's what I can remember:

* Video starts with a nerdyish teen daydreaming in his bedroom about a comic character dressed all in white (think Power Ranger but more fabric) with a cape, sword (possibly gun) and wearing a very distinctive white helmet with gold visor.
( I'm very sorry but I'm not that computer savvy but if you image search for white msa gallet fire helmet, you get a good idea what it looks like)

* He then dreams he is this hero who has to defend his girl from a black clad version of himself.

* The action goes from live action to manga a few times around a cherry blossom tree if I recall, often freeze framing.

* He wins, gets the girl and they walk off into the sunset.

* The music had a dancy, pop, uplifting vibe going on but can't for the life of me remember the lyrics which were kind of Avicii/Garrix in style (sorry if i spelt them wrong.

* I believe the artist was a man's name - with a first and last name and the title was a single word like devotion or something.

I would be forever grateful if someone vould help as it must be getting on for ten years I've been searching. Thanks in advance guys.