Hi everyone!

I know it sounds silly but i don't have a large amount of information to give you, but i've already tried all the others tools to find it and i'm desperate. Probably you are my last chance. :b

I don't really remember a full verse/sentence. It's a song with spoken lyrics (or middly sung), about a man who writes a kind of letter to a woman that he doesn't see a long ago (in fact, i believe that he says that he's writing a song to know how she's been going - she was a friend/colourful friend/girlfriend of him in the past). It starts saying that his sister told him that she lives next to her/down the street/at the corner/whatever but he never thought it would be her. He asks how she has been going, he knows that she settled down (i'm not sure if he says that she's married) and have kids now. He asks if nowadays she has someone to talk like they did when they were younger (at a certain part he refers that they used to talk about rock?/a band?).

I believe that the album has a blue background and a kid, but i'm not sure (i saw it on youtube).

Hope that you can help me, even if i'm not saying anything substancial.