Please help to identify this song,
the tittle and the male artist.

The opening lyrics_that I remembered:
People in the park holding hands,
Telling how much they love each other,

Listen to your heart if you can,

The Chorus/Refrain :
Love Sweet Love, Going La La La La,
La La La La La La La La

This song is very popular in Indonesian's Radio at late 80's and early 90's.
The genre is a Jazz Pop,
that in instrument fill in the middle of the song is very Latin-Samba Jazz with Piano dominant.
Later the Saxophone coming in.

In the last part of the song,
it is Overtune (I think overtune one key, I am not sure ....),
and the song Fade out.

I really appreciate for anyone concern and help.

Best Wishes a Good Luck to all of you,
and Warm Regards.

Herbrata Moeljo
Song listener loving.