I've been searching on and off for a song by a (possibly indie) blues-rock band for several years now to much futility.

The only parts of the song that I remember vaguely are a couple of lines from the chorus, which are as follows:

"The train's a-rollin',
the train's a-rollin,
the train's a-rollin on down the tracks [[or possibly 'road' instead of tracks, for some reason]],
the train's a-rollin',
the train's a-rollin,
the train's a-rollin - ain't comin' back no more!"

The style was somewhat deep purple-inspired with more of a bluesy feel and a fairly rapid tempo.
Obviously, because of the incredibly ubiquitous lyrics in the chorus, many searches come up for Aerosmith, The Yardbirds, and the like, however, the final lyric of "ain't comin' back no more" in the given chorus is quite specific to this song only, to my knowdedge.

Given the fact that this was a most likely a relatively lesser-known band that I used to listen to on Youtube quite frequently, the answer will only likely come from people that may have incidentally heard the song themselves.

Any help on this song would be GREATLY appreciated, believe you me!