Hi guys, I just found that site, that's my first post.
I've been doing my best to write this, English is not my native language but I want you to review this

All that Vuitton stuff,
Dior smell holds your back
with no job, canít be gone
girl why donít you
blame it on your life,
blame it on your past
like you have no sin

I will give you myself one day
just promise me
you wonít regret that in a while
like you used to use the man
just to cry in your room
top floor filled with regret

Baby believe in yourself
turn trust issues into dust
prove me Iím wrong
I know you barely holding on
every smile is a lie,
now I know, how you feel
Iíll let you chose my fate
cause my life **** ability
ties my soul, doesnít let me see the sky

I have got more of this but I'm just another amateur