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    Default Translation Bakit Pa Ba-JayR (Philippines)

    Hi everybody,

    I have just listened to a very beautifull song by the name of Bakit Pa Ba. Apparently the song is from JayR(a guy from the Philippines) an unknown artist to me. Anyways... my question to you all is if there is somebody who knows where I can find the translation of this song. Or at least somebody who speaks the Philippines language so they can translate this song for me.

    Thank you in advance.



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    er.. it's not perfect, just a quick, slighty rough translation, but mostly good.

    Oh woh yeah

    You're saying goodbye because I hurt you
    Before I couldn't see I was wrong
    Now that I know, to you I've done wrong
    I hope again I will be forgiven

    Every day you cry, begging to me
    Before I couldn't hear your plea

    Why did I have to do this
    I hurt someone like you that really loved
    Didn't realize that there's nothing like your love
    I hope I will again be forgiven

    For so long I was blind to someone like you
    Your pure, sincere love
    I still left you (I still left you), always alone
    Why have I done this to you

    [Repeat REFRAIN]
    [Repeat CHORUS]

    AD LIB
    Woh woh

    [Repeat CHORUS]
    where is the moment when needed the most

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